Friday, July 4, 2008

good mrng teacher !!!!!!

There was this ad..."WANTED-TEACHER". When my eyes fell upon it...i jumped at the offer.
"LORVEN'S PUBLIC SCHOOL" the building read.

My heart sank....

The building was small and was as if it will crumble any moment...

Anyways...i went mind emboldened[:P]. I was guided into the principal's was
small...wid books n racks all around. If i go other can get in !!( heyy i am nt fat ..mind u !!!)
its d room..shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya !!

I showed her my resume..
"BE "

She wudnt want more....i was selected..yipppeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!

I was to do part-time der..4 hours. Teach english to 7th,8th,9th and 10th classes and then physics to 10th class.
And my salary was 2500 !!  It was damn good actually..!

The first day ...i got a feel of how my days ahead wud be..and no prizes for guessing dat it was nt all right.

There wer anxious faces...and happy too..a young teacher cuming to teach them !!! (main hoon na!!!)

I started wid d basics...

"How many of u know the parts of speech in english??"

I thought this was d basic-est question ever.

Blank faces stared back at me..some wer smiling as if they hav achieved the task of maintaining their ignorance years together.i was aghast !! i hadnt expected this !! do i have to start frm scratchh !!
dat too 10th cls ppl !!!!

more was yet to come...

I was teaching phyiscs..GRAVITATION...

I gave a prob for them to solve. They encountered a step wer they had to find out (1-0) and to my utter disbelief i found a guy writing it as 0!!!!!

I asked him "wot is 1-0??? "

confused face..."er...its 0 teacher ."

"next..wot is 1-0?? "

blank face...


confused face...

Believe me..not one answered !!!!

I felt i shud start with numbers !!!

I had a hard time trying to make them understand that (R-x)< R !!!


Days passed...

I was vexed..

I was shouting at the top of my ached...

It was all wierd...

The school..the children...the principal who gave short bursts of laughter occasionally.and wierdest of all was I WAS IN THE THICK OF IT !!!

BUT THEN , it was not all too bad. I had good moments consolation.

I was the favourite..because i used to crack jokes..ask riddles to spice up d class. As part of learning spoken english i made them enact small roles..they used to enjoy it. And dat was all i wanted..make learning an interesting experience.

"good morning teacher" "good afternoon teacher" "u r looking good teacher" "where do u stay teacher" "can i come to ur house on your scooty teacher?? " they used to pester me lik these..but it felt good..

I was reminded of my school days wen we tried to impress our teachers..

"teacher , teacher" a 6th class cute gal had once called me...

"hii" i smiled at her.

She beckoned me to come her...

I was amused...

Neverthless,i went inside. she was gesturing something and after a few frantic efforts , i saw that she was trying to show me the rose she had hidden from the glare of another teacher !

I laughed at her innocent cleverness..her sense of partiality.

I took the flower frm her and patted her on her cheeks..and left.

This school business is a gr8 experience..its hilarious sometimes..its killing sumtimes..but all in all I am having a wonderful time..

There is still plenty to write...but not now..i have to prepare for tomoro's class !!!!!!
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