Sunday, February 26, 2017

Monday warmup # 6

Sometimes you have to take a step back to catapult farther ahead. Wisdom lies in knowing that its okay to lose sometimes to win the bigger battle. 

That doesn't mean though, that we give up fighting.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

What I want to do this year

Last year was the most productive year of my life. I was probably able to accomplish in one year what I did not in my whole life! And that was because of my 30Before30 goal list.

So it would probably be foolish if I did not do something similar this year. No, I am not coming up with 31 before 31, which by the way, sounds odd, but I do have a simple list. Last time, I had to come up with 30 because I oh-so-wanted to use the title ;)

So tan-ta-dah, here they are:

Career :

1. In the next two months, try out options and make a career choice and by end of the year, take a step closer in that direction. (This is actually a leftover from last year). PMP was a step to explore an option, to see how I like it.

2. I have been told many times at my workplace that I don't sound confident in uncertain situations and don't take lead. So this year, I will consciously practice efficient decision making, confident public speaking and persuasive reasoning.


3. Write 100 posts this year. That means weekly twice, and I am lagging far behind. But I intend to catch up.

4. Word Porn. I am in love with Word Porn quotes. I have stumbled on really good ones, that struck a chord with me. Its like they tapped into my soul. I am going to try writing myself! And ofcourse these will be a part of the above 100 posts.

5. Re-start the Monday warm-ups and wiser Wednesdays.(anybody like them?, I wonder).

6. Improve at tennis. This year's focus will be on the serves and placements.

7.Maintain a daily private journal.


8. Comeback to a weight of 134 lbs. That means lose 6 pounds. I have been accumulating fat like Indians accumulate gold. Only, fat is not gold.

9. Do Yoga and meditation everyday in the morning.

10. Sleep better. I wake up everyday as if I havent slept at all. Its high time I did something about it.


11. Stand up for your actions. DO what you think is right and have the courage to face the consequences.

12. Pray because you are grateful for what you have.

13. Learn to let go when you should. Let go of "what could have been". I can be either this side or that side. I cannot be here and want to be there. Being in the middle sucks. So this year, I will learn to choose. And learn to be happy with my choice.

"The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no? In or out? Up or down? And then there are the choices that matter: to love or hate, to be a hero or to be a coward, to fight or to give in, to live or die... Live or die? That's the important choice, and it's not always in our hands.

~ Grey's Anatomy.

Deadline : 12/31/2017

Anybody can have goals. You need a plan to achieve those goals. What are your goals? Do you have a plan ? Is it all in your head or do you write them down?

Friday, February 3, 2017


HOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot
I stare at the far-away window, hot vapors of coffee fogging my glasses. But I don’t care since I am not really looking at anything.
I just wonder. I wonder if you are in office yet. If you ever stare out of a window like I do every morning. I wonder if I will ever find someone like you. The coffee is bitter, but its warmth is comforting. Just like your memories. It kills me that all I have is memories now.

I think about how cruel life is.
And for the billionth time, I regret what happened that day.
PS : Written for Friday fictioneers. I would love some honest feedback on how well I expressed the character's longing.
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