Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much to keep to myself....

Hallo !!

Its my 1..2..3..4..5..6th day in deerfield beach and looks like I have gotten used to it.There are somethings I like.. and somethings that I literally hate !There are things I look forward to and some that I avoid ...I guess its der everywhere...lets cut the crap..will come straight to the point.This post is just crap I say.. some random things that I did and some that I had to do ..

I am surprisingly liking the cooking part.I am not a big fan of it,I m not cribbing too! My day begins with rigorous brainstorming about what should go as my breakfast ( rigorous because I dnt have much time).. and ends with again a mental analysis of what would be good to cook for dinner that day and lunch the next day !
It takes a lot of analysis believe me.. first you have to check the inventory ( what u have).. what is easier to cook.. it should be tasty too.. what you can take in your tiffin box... what requires minimal effort...and what you can be proud of !
Here are some of the results :

This was the first day.Was too tired to cook anything.I even forgot that I had chilly powder and salt.Had this egg with bread.
Another disaster.I again forgot to cary a rolling pin.After trying to roll the chapatis with a jam bottle , I gave up and thought my hands were good enough.The dough was too hard. Learnt things the hardest way !
The spinach curry was too good though !I have my basics right...Somebody neednt worry !!:D

And then I was making this tomato curry.Easiest and mouth watering.But something had to go wrong.Thats how things work with me.So, as per God's plan, I put haldi again..thinking it was chilly powder !

Hope you had a good laugh ! I had one too !

Adios... :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

comment plzzz !

Would be glad if somebody comments ....

Lost-yet again !

The inevitable happened...

After safeguarding my specs for almost 8 months, I had to lose it.It was quite natural .It had to go and I had to let it go.It had been quite sometime since I lost anything and it had to be those glasses,which empowered my vision , that had to ditch me this time.

And how it vanished into thin air.We parked our car.Walked a few minutes to a building to get my badge , got them and got back into the car.I remember I had my specs on while I was sitting in the car...I remember I had taken them off while walking..and then I remember that there's got be something called glasses that are not there ! And what I dont remember is what happened in between ! My mind just went blank when I pleaded it for help in rewinding the sequence of events.I tried going back slowly in my mind .. like they show in movies... step by step .. but i could get only to the latest step .

Phew ! To get new ones, I have to shell out 200-300$ and go bankrupt. Or manage with those poor eyes and a bad headache.And i am going with the second option.

Either my specs are very lucky (to have gotten lost in Florida ) or I am very unlucky.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So many Firsts at a time !

It finally happened . I am in Florida. And I am bombarded with questions like "How do you feel !!?? "  "How do you like America ??!! "  Everybody else is more excited than me .And I dunno why nothing is stirring me up .. I mean , i am taking it just like a trip to a neighbouring place !

It was the first time I actually went inside an airport... first time I shopped for soo many items for myself ..first time I got into a flight... the first time to take off and land .. to see the clouds float .. be dangeroulsy flying so many miles above the earth... the first time to be in the midst of differently colored people.. first time to stay away from my parents.. first time to travel alone for almost 26hrs... so many firsts..but i felt not much exhilaration..not much of an excitement... no idea  why.

Maybe its the movies to blame.I 've seen airports so many times.. foreign places ..foreign ppl movies I mean :P Maybe I lived every scene that they showed that I felt nothing new when I was actually,really in the moment ... Ridiculous ?! I know..

Hey ya ! There was another first here ! And it sure pumped up my adrenaline ! On my way to Ft.Lauderdale from New york, I was seated at the window and was waiting for the next two places beside me to get occupied ( in the flight). A little later..2 guys came up.. and I was like wow ! They looked cool..americans.. and i m sure I blushed a little . (exaggeration). The next moment I saw them holding hands.... and stroking each other !!

Wow ! My first encounter..with gays ! Man ! I saw them in the movies too..but this sure made me sit up and observe all the way !
(For all those who are looking more..No, they dint do anything more than just stroking.. disappointed? Me too ..! )

My first dinner here : Had at Denny's .dont recall  the name of what I had.
My first breakfast    : peas masala, bread and bambino ( Courtesy : my colleague)
My first lunch          :  I was starving but dint have the energy to cook. Had bread and egg.
My first dinner        :  Maggi !! How i luv it !

My first proof of dumbness  :

I had to interact with the managers out here ,Vinodh and Harish , daily when I was in India. Vinodh sounded cheerful and Harish a little serious.Around 4 people came to pick me up.One of them introduced himself as Harish. And I thought how wrongly I pictured him.I thought he was serious..but he is cheerful as well.Well phones can be deceptive. That's what I thought.Cynthia and VK were client advisors.Thats what I was told.

And the next day, somebody else came up and introduced himself as Harish ! I was dumbfounded..I just stared and everybody laughed. It was Vinodh who had come to pick me up.Cynthia was his wife.VK was no client advisor but a CSC employee like me. And Harish was Harish.

I kept referring to Vinodh as Harish.. and everyelse too.They enacted their parts so well,I never got a doubt.

God ! I was so easily fooled.

My first  dunno wot:

I was advised not to sleep in the afternoon today.Their explanation was, If I slept all day,I would sleep all week .Due to the jetlag,it really was a herculean task. My eyes drooped and no matter what I did, I couldnt keep myslef awake.So I thought I would sleep for 10 min. And I slept.

Suddenly my phone rang.It was Sriraj .I said "Good morning !!"
He said "Oh! you slept !!"

It was still 8.30 PM.

So thats it.Sorry I couldnt make it short.

Time  to sleep finally !!!
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