Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some blatant truths

~ Almost everybody has a bad hair day.All these days I was thinking only my hair doesnt listen to me.
~ I just realised its a lame start.
~ Its easier to make the same mistake.You have less guilt.
~ Laugh at your own mistakes.There is never a better way to feel good about yourself despite the bad.
~ There are many things we do because our mind says so, and not because our heart felt so.Things would have been so much better had they been because you 'wanted' to and not because you 'should' do.
~ You think you can change him??Thats would be the biggest mistake of your life!
Learnt the hard way.Hmmph!
~Forgetfulness is bliss.A boon. Seldom do people realise.But I do.I dont remember the last time I cried, the last time I was mad, the last time I was hurt.
~Opposites attract.The question is ,will they last long ?
~Tum ho... by Mohit chauhan from Rockstar, just tugs at my heart.So simple.His voice drags you along with him.You feel the seperation from your non-existent lover.
It was raining, I was driving, and this number started playing from my playlist.I had the best time for myself that day.
~I just strayed from the topic.
~Nothing brings out feminity like a well worn saree does.Ofcourse on a well-worked-out body.
~Reading does amazing things to you.You meet different kinds of people virtually ,observe them, learn from them, live a life you possibly cannot in reality.
~People at top positions might be enjoying a lot of power and authority at the workplace,but when they come back home, the boss is usually somebody else ;)
~We have become so paranoid these days that when somebody is being nice or offers to help without any expectations, we begin to question their motives.

Wouldnt you ??

Wouldnt you like to be surrounded by a few more people other than that boring nerdy loner while lunching at office..share a joke and discuss sports and politics?

Wouldnt you be happy if you had a few more people to count on other than your sister or brother when life throws you a challenge ?

Wouldnt you feel blessed when 2 people who claim to be friends come forward  when you need one lakh urgently ?

Wouldnt you feel more happy when there are people ,not in your relation, who feel equally elated when you tell them you just booked a house? Wont your happiness just be doubled when you rush straight to their homes with sweets and celebrate in whatever simple way you can?

Wont it be comforting to know and realise that you arent alone , and come what may, you can answer the situation straight in the face  with the support you have?

Wont you be forming good memories when you all catch up sometime on a weekend,watch a movie, complain about the spouses, talk ,laugh at your silly goof-ups,remember the last time you had such a good time ,forget how bad the day had been and just indulge in mindless banter?

Wont it be great to have people in your life when you achieve new milestones in your life.Like when you graduate..get your first salary..get married... become a father/mother .. when you bought a home...

Wont you die happily knowing there are people other than your immediate family who love you and will take care of whatever/whoever you are leaving behind ?

If your answer is NO to any of the above , you are being plain stubborn. You either dont know how it feels like or pretending to be doing good without it.

It might involve some efforts to maintain that kind of rapport, you may have to go through those painful clean-up after get-togethers, go some extra miles to help, extra expenditure that go as gifts , keeping in touch etc  but is it not worth the effort ?

Arent these the people who make life survivable? Who add some fun to your otherwise monotonous life?Lend a shoulder when you need it, pat your back for your small accomplishments,who are a family outside family?
A little effort builds lifetime why resign yourself within the walls of your home?Why be restricted to your own little world of Mum, Dad,Wife, Husband, Kids,Home,TV ?

Happiness is the only thing in the world that multiplies when shared.So share it as much as you can.Celebrate as much as you can.Laugh as much as you can.So much that even pain feels ashamed to touch you !

PS: To all those people I know who are reclusive and are immersed in their own world.There is more to life than you think. Just try and you will know what you are missing !

Saturday, August 4, 2012


                                 There is something charming about the rains..something romantic that fills up the air.. something so heavenly and divine and enchanting that I can just sit and gaze and marvel at the  tiny droplets falling from the sky in a perfectly straight line...

I can just sit and smile at the way the  rain drops fall rythmically on the windshield ,sliding down the glass in a pattern..and the wiper playfully removing any traces of their existence..

I can watch people scurrying for cover...colorful umbrellas opening up and bobbing over tiny heads..

I can gape at the way our vision becomes a the rainy curtain is brought down..and all you can see is the downpour in its full glory..

I can take a moment to slip into a trance...a silent rainy moment to myself...a moment of solitude where you gather all the lingering thoughts..and if you are with him, you also run a chance of getting into the ultimate intimate moment...

Its fun wading through muddy waters...with the kechad making a mess of your pants...the flip-flops splashing water with every step...and that reminds of the cute surf excel ads...Sigh! Wish I could feature in them...

I love it when it drizzles...soft showers gently brushing your face..not too hard, not too soft, just the right touch.A lovely evening, a bike ride coupled with a slight drizzle, a shoulder to lean on and hot hot pani puri on the road side.. mmmmm.....

The roads look beautiful, with numerous reflections adorning the streets..the evenings even more spectacular as moonlight graciously borders the edges...Everything comes to life...the trees look greener,the skies are clearer.. the ponds are blue-er...they all look  like straight out of a painting, just the way we want. Beautiful. As if all the ugliness has been washed away. But despite all these,there is also something sad about monsoons.I always think about the many tears that get washed away in the rain.. the many cries that get stifled under the thunders..the many crimes that go unnoticed.. many things that go unsaid..and the many sobs that the umbrellas hide...

Hmm... Why is it that some of the most beautiful things in this world have a dark side to them... :|

PS : I am dying to get a picture of myself in the rain, with an umbrella and all... And also one with Sush.. just our feet,on the road.. our reflections in the tiny puddles.I also have the title ready in my mind...:D
But when it rains , there is no one to click us, and when there is , there is no rain :(

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