Monday, July 8, 2013



How many of you like the smaller version of a bushy green tree with a thick foliage ?

I absolutely love it.I love how it turns green when you boil it.The smell it oozes out.I am still not sure if I like its taste..because I inadvertantly devour it for its color.I find it very tempting..beckoning ...And when you add carrots to it, you just cannot resist the combination.Green.Orange.Deadly.

I made this Broccoli-egg casserole for breakfast one day and it turned out yummy.

OK.I lied.It was not that yummy.Ok.I didnt make it right.But it was worth a try.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Falling down...

Nobody likes falling down.They get up and try to go on.But life is sometimes cruel and you fall down again.You pick up the pieces and try to move on with whatever you got.. but there is always somebody out there who tries to keep you down.Even if it means he has to go down with you.

If  you are strong, the harder you fall, the stronger you bounce back.The higher you go.Only to fall down with a bigger thud. You try to get a stronger foothold..and just when you think you are stable, just when you think you can handle yourself, you find yourself rolling down.Not knowing where you are going.You dont know in which direction , but just that it is "down".

You hear laughter all around. You hear closely, and realise that you are laughing too.Loudly.You are enjoying the fall. Because it lets you get up.Because you have nothing to lose.Because you think you wont be hurt.Because you love the bouncing back and its fun to try to find your feet.

Thats what a Bouncer does.It gives you the last laugh when you fall.

PS : Ever got that moment where you can be a child again?This was mine !

Sorryyyy it was dramatic !

We went to this farm in DC with my family which had the bouncy thing.We jumped like crazy over this..falling ..rolling.. getting up and falling again.

I suddenly thought..where was this child in me all this while? I missed being that little kid .Oh shoot.. !I can be a kid now !

I dont know if my in-laws were staring..or glaring.. or wondering .. I thoroughly enjoyed myself ! I am sure they would tie me up the next time we see a slide...or a bouncer :P

Couldn't capture sush...he went soo high :P

With Sashi..

He was the guy who was making us fall..:P

And he..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Home alone...

Home alone.Watching TV but feeling lonely.Tried to write but not in mood.Tried to read but ..sorry didnt try at all.Nobody else blogged this weekend,so nothing new to read.Feeling hungry but feeling lazy too.Tomorrow potluck at office ,so didnt cook dinner too.Have to survive until tomorrow,so had oatmeal.Looked left.Looked right.Looked up.Looked down.Found nothing interesting.Tried to feel nostalgic, but how? Opened up old photos on FB.Saw some childhood photos with Sahu.We were cute.Read old comments.Made me smile.Felt good.Saw some more older photos.Liked what I saw.Liked how I looked back then.Looked at myself now.Holy crap.Then came Deluxe.CTS.First company.First project.Late working days.And working weekends.Free lunches.Dutch parties.Appraisals.Questioning the ratings.Discussing confidential matters.Bitching about team leads.PJs.Hardwork.Smartwork.Future planning.Failing.Getting up.Moving ahead.
.A shot crisp email to all the friends that I left behind and didnt catch up.Felt good again.Hungry at 12:30.Bread and jam.Water melon juice.Lonely again.Hubby dear,you better start missing me.

But, a wonderful night.Good night.
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