Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is the nth time i opened my blog .. to put in something.A feeble attempt to save my blog from hitting the dust. The last n-1 times, (hope this is nt sounding like maths) I tried to think wot i was feeling the most,at that moment,so that i could try to channelise them ,add some masala and put it in text. But only frustration and helplessness showed up ,much to my chagrin. Frustration out of helplessness.. and helplessness at changing my stupid, monotonous, mechanical life..

If you are thinking I will rattle on about my present life.. then I am glad you are wrong...

This time, I will just put in the various reasons i can think of that held me from returning to blogging.. not that i m a regular blogger,but i am a regularly irrregular one.

One thing, i am not much of a thinker. If you have observed, only incidents (except for 1 or 2) make up my blog. As nothing exciting is happening with me, my blog is gathering dust.

Secondly, inspiration. I derive inspiration from other bloggers. When I go through a blog, I have that overwhelming feeling of "Wow ! Its high time I did something to my blog too !! " But like many other things, my inspiration is always short-lived.

Third,I try to think.Believe me, I do. When I have a certain idea about something, or something creative is forming in my head, or say, I strongly feel about something, by the time I am ready to put in on paper, "DISTRACTION" comes knocking!!!!

Fourth, writing is not what you can do at any time of the day.. A certain mood has to set in. And my mood is very moody.There goes my 4th reason...

If you think I am just conjuring up all the stupid-est reasons, you are definitely not wrong..
This is just to make a new start..a check to see if i can still write..

I will come up with something better next tym...
(thanks for your patience !)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Has the change changed me??

It has been 5 months into cognizant and as i sit wondering what should go into this first post, my thoughts broke loose..I forgot about the blog…I let the reins free and allowed my mind to race.. race to my previous times when i was in college…and the time i am now in…A lot has changed… lush green campuses changed to these concrete buildings.. books changed to files… pocket money changed to salaries… but has it changed me??

No..thankfully not… the past 3 months of my training were very much like college.. the same class room atmosphere..frnds, exams, gossips, leg pullings.. our beloved ‘wonton’ , biscuits, chatting even while sitting next to each other, staying till late preparing for those goddamn modules..which we knew wud anyhow pass ,those empowered sessions.. they wer a kind of revelation… forced us to bring out the best in us…. these wer the last on my mind wen i first stepped into cognizant.. and it was a pleasant surprise, a kinda extension my good old youthful dayz..

I am working now.. earning 20k bucks a month .. and life is still the same…I am the same happy-go-lucky..forgetful..stupidly intelligent gal…i still travel in buses..occasionally in car..i still go for those 500-800 range of clothes…i still look to the right side of the menu-card when i go to a restaurant..

only.. i am happy i pay myself.. i am happy i can pay for my dad.. i am happy i can give pocket money to mom !!!
It feels so good to be in such a position..

well… will stop amusing myself wid my musings..
gudday !!!!
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