Sunday, April 24, 2011

Its just not Enuf !!

It was a lazy afternoon.The day was dragging on slowly..without much happening.The morning was spent browsing the newspaper,messing up in the kitchen and then idling.. desperate to do something fun ...

I opened my wardrobe ..( dunno wot made me to ); and a pile of clothes fell down.I looked at them in utter disgust and decided I had to revamp my clothe-line. It had been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages  since I shopped( if you can call 1 month ages ) and the thought made the ride in the scorching sun less un-bearable !

Koti is my usual adda to loot and burn a big hole in my pocket.I  planted my bike in between 2 more bikes , making mine stick out more onto the road.The shop wallah glared at me because I blocked the way into his shop..the pedestrians were angry that I left no room for them to walk... but who cares ! I was off shopping !
I said "paanch min mein aaungi bhayya..." and darted off !!

I walked along..slowly.. letting my eyes savor all the colors .. all the designs .. all the varieties .. A blue color bandhini dress , with lighter shades at the bottom looked tempting... I thought it was perfect, I can carry the color well.. i was conjuring up a design as to how i should stitch it when I realized i had a similar dress but of a different color !Aaah.... my heart almost broke !
There can never be two similar dresses ..mind u !

I dunno if it happens with everybody.. but I like every damn thing on sale there.. I always wish I had enough money to buy atleast 1 thing from every shop ! The colorful earrings... bangles.. dresses... nailpolishes....bracelets.. clutches... u name it , I want it !  :D

My eyes are never on the road... with 3 bags in hands ( yea.. I finished my shopping.. had come  prepared to buy 3 dresses but ended up buying 6 !! ) I was still checking out the ones hung outside... I seemed to like them more than wot I had just bought .. Even when the shop fellow pulled out materials from his shelf,my eyes always went after the dresses the lady beside me was looking at ! He was making every pathetic attempt to satisfy me..telling me how well the contrast will work on me.. how beautifully u can stitch it.. but I had lost my heart out to that beautiful pink dress the lady had just packed.. phew !

I dunno if every gal feels this way ..( most of them do ) but I feel like owning a clothes store.. so I can try alllll of them ! I want to earn enuf money to buy Kothi itself ! Or mayb  marry a person who can own it :P

I was back home... showed  them to my mom....

" there was this pretty dress ma.. pink color .. it was very different... the print was.....................................................................................   "

My heart was still with that pink dress ....

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