Sunday, July 22, 2012

I love you..but Hate you too... !

I hate it when you dont share the same interest as me..but I love it more when you do it for me..
  I hate it when you leave the plate on the table after eating.. but love it more when you promptly go back to pick it up when you meet my glare..
I hate it when you act all sane and calm .. but love it more when you show up your crazy side ..
I hate it when you dont help me in the kitchen .. but love it more when you massage my hands mockingly..
I hate it when you dont enjoy watching hindi movies because you dont understand..  but love it more when you take me to one and keep asking "what did he say??"
I hate it when we fight but love it more when we make up..
I hate it when we dont share the same craze....but I love it more when you let me be me...
I hate it when you dont even give me a glance sometimes ...but love it more when you tell me I look beautiful when I least expect it..
I especially love the look in your eyes and the mischievous smile
I hate it when you dont find getting wet in the rain fascinating ...but love it more when you agree to walk with me in the rain under an umbrella...
I hate the way you love me more than I do .. but secretly, I love the way it makes me happy..
I hate the way I have so many things to write about you, but love the way it makes me feel proud of having you...

PS : This is to 'US' as we celebrate 100 days of togetherness !

Saturday, July 7, 2012


After days of decaying and non-stop cribbing about the not-so-happening life and ranting about how I could change things but cannot /did not just because laziness refused to budge, I finally made up my mind to declare here, on my blog what I would like to do to get that change I am craving for.For one thing,I believe that if i say out loud instead of thinking to yourself, you get better results.

To be reasonable enough to myself, blog every week   every 2 weeks.

I have been stalking bloggers around in the blogger world to get the required inspiration, to get the kick.I leave their blog with awe..and then read my blog and get disappointed.I promise myself to write only a great post like they do...or none.. and so this lull.But then I also realised, great posts come only if you keep writing..and keep thinking.So here u go !

I will also post a picture/sketch I have taken/made relevant to what I have written

Listen to a lot of music.

Read a lot of books.

Exercise.Its important to look good and feel good.
This,I have been pledging to do everyday.."Let me sleep all I want today.I will be working out from tomorrow".I am still waiting for that tomorrow.*sheepish smile*

Let me end this with what dawned upon me.

You shape your life.What it is and what it is not is solely based on what you are and what you are not!

*Ouch! Its heavy!**

PS : If you notice,I have already broken my resolution 2.There is no sketch/picture tagged to this post.Boohoo !

One Saturday Morning..

Good Morning.

It really is a pleasant morning.

Time : 7 AM

Sipping coffee early in the morning with nothing on mind...matchless!

It had rained last night and the sun was too lazy to steer clear the clouds and shine on us bright and sunny.Just like I was too lazy to snuggle out of my cosy comforter.But I pulled myself together and stepped out.

What I saw..what I felt..what I heard...what touched me...what I smelt made the perfect beginning to my day.The trees were swaying happily..yeah there still are trees around the colony I stay in.The gentle breeze brushing my face as I sat in the verandah..gazing out aimlessly,lost in my own world , happy that it is weekend and WORK thoughts suspended for 2 days...The wind chime jingling in harmony...The hot coffee brewing in the kitchen, the smell just made a perfect blend to what I was experiencing...A pressure cooker whistling distantly..oh my ! Someone had already begun their day.

                The canopy of the trees in our lane make for a pleasant sight.
  This is completely different from what is pushed into my face everyday.I come out of the house only after 8:30 to go to office.What happens between 6:30 am to 8:30 am is a frenzied madness inside closed doors.That is anybody's guess and anybody's story.To put it in short, Wake up with closed eyes,walk to the bathroom with closed eyes,take a shower,by now your eyes must be half open,use your hands to wrench your wretched sleepy eyes open ,rush to the kitchen to help with the chores, rush back to bedroom to wake up Sush, rush to the kitchen to fix up lunch boxes, rush back to the bedroom to dab some powder on your already sweating face,rush all around the house to collect things you carelessly dumped last night, rush your breakfast down your throat, which very conveniently gets stuck and you have to struggle,drink water to make it a smooth slide,rush to office and rush back home which almost makes it 8:30 pm.
(I am sorry that was not short  :D)

Now after passing 5 days like that.. Saturday and Sunday ,you just want to banish 'rush' from your life.So after snoozing the alarm almost 10 times from 7am to 9 am, you get up.And you get up solely out of guilt because it is 9 and the rest of the inhabitants of the house are already up.I am that kind of person who cherishes even 5 minutes of extra sleep.If I am woken up at 9, I beg my dad for 5 more min because it just doesnt seem enough .Its an altogether different matter that the 5 min that I earned,I spend fretting it would be over soon :\ 

The point that I was getting to is, Mr.Sun,Miss Breeze and Miss Leaves stand ignored even on weekends.But today was different.I woke up early and I am thankful I did.

Because, I was able to see nature in all its glory again...
Because, I realised waking up early without 1000 thoughts fighting for prioritization , feels good..
              (yuck ! what a technical line )
Because, I was able to appreciate the world I live in..
Because, it made me write this extremely long post after a lull :|

PS : This is not what I had intended to write.I desperately wanted to break the silence on my blog by writing down something..just about anything.... I thought I if was able to manage 10 lines,that would make my day.But look !

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