About me

Hi! This is Sampada. I am an IT Engineer, (yeah, one of those millions around the world. Now don't roll your eyes!), working for a reputed IT firm. Have been an avid reader since childhood and it always impressed and inspired me how small pieces of written words touch you in ways nothing else can.

I wanted to be an orator first, when I was in school. But I became an engineer. Then when I joined corporate office, I wanted to be a soft skills trainer. But I am a programmer and a technical leader. Somehow, writing stuck with me and I am glad it did.

Besides writing, I am a sports lover! No, I do not follow any sports, but I love to play any physical game. I am mostly an outdoor person, love travelling and trying anything new! Here are the 11 random things about me that I wrote when I was tagged for Leibster! Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

  1. I hate waiting. Be it for five minutes or fifteen.
  2. I have travel anxiety. When there is an impending travel, I assume I am going to forget my passport or board the wrong flight.
  3. Simplicity and elegance is what I am attracted to.
  4. I manage, sorry, micro-manage the food on my plate. I always make sure I have enough rice for my gravy or enough gravy for my rice.
  5. As much as I love a group of friends to hang out with, I like solitude. I like to be alone, take a lone walk, or quietly read a book with no botheration.
  6. I love to play sports. Anything with a bat and(or) a ball. Currently obsessed with tennis.
  7. Having choices confuses the hell out of me.
  8. I always like what my friend bought even if I spent a lifetime picking mine.
  9. I am impulsive.
  10. I will be the happiest person on Earth if we didn't have to cook two meals a day. I consider it such a waste of time when you can do something else instead. But I Louuu eating :/
  11. I like to try new stuff. Be it a new cuisine, new place, a new activity or a new hairstyle. The current one that I am sporting, is a disaster.
Feedback is what keeps a blogger going. And it is what makes us better. Would love to hear from you on what you think about what you read, good or bad :)


  1. It's really good to see such an overwhelming talent. :)


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