Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Running on the roads along with spare tyres. Collecting pepsi crowns. Marbles. Thokkudu billa. Ice gola. Color pepsi in long plastic covers. Housie housie with sarees . Hide n seek in the parking lot- amidst scooters and cars. Kho Kho. Gully cricket with a team that had 8 yr olds to 18 yrs olds. Broken window panes. Fighting for balls. Getting drenched under the water hose.

Doordarshan. Srimaan ji Srimati ji. Chitrahaar. Ruthuraagalu. Chandrakaantha. Mahabhaarat. Rangoli. Shaktiman. Disney hour. Tom n Jerry. Aahat. Zee horror show. Raja aur Rancho.

Rough notes with left over pages of used books. Multi-colored pens. Smell of fresh new notebooks. 

Enid Blyton. Secret Seven.Scamper.Jack.George.Peter.Colin.Barbara.Pam.Scamper.Famous Five.Julian.Dick.George.Anne.Timmy.Five Find-outers.Frederick Trotteville a.k.a Fatty.Larry.Daisy.Pip.Bets.
Tinkle.Chamataka.Kalia.Hodja.Tantri.Suppandi.Shikari Shambu.Kapish.Uncle Anu and Uncle Pai
Hardy Boys.Frank and Joe
Agatha Christie.Jeffrey Archer.Irving Wallace.Arthur Hailey

One scooter, 4 people - the biggest luxury.

Stealing one rupee to buy osmania biscuits - the biggest guilt.

Reading - favorite pastime.

Exams - the biggest fear.

Homework - the only responsibility.

Tirupati - the ultimate holiday destination.

Julian of Famous Five - Biggest crush

Gokul Chat - the only hangout spot

Tank bund - favourite Sunday destination

Coming to think of it, I was blessed to have a beautiful childhood.All I have  now is just memories, actually, vague memories.It just takes second for a moment to become past, to become a memory among hordes of others.This is what I remember of my childhood, etched somewhere in the corner of my brain.I am afraid I will lose this too...

How was yours ? And what is it that you remember the most of your childhood ?

Gully Cricket.

Ice Gola


Family on a Scooter

The other woman

I heard them laugh in the other room
Cheerful banter it seemed
How can he be happy without me
Was the first thought that came to me

The lazy times he spends with her
The stray strands of hair that he removes from her face
How I wish that was me
For his attention, it has become a race

Its hard for me to accept
that somebody else is also important to him
Its even harder to realize that
he can love somebody else as much as he loves me

The distance is growing between us
all that matters now is her
Why doesn't he see what it is doing to me
Have I become a blur?

However hard I try, I cannot  just ignore
It is eating me from inside.
My heart aches to share him
A part of me already died

I dont know why I feel jealous
I dont know why I bother
Despite knowing the fact that 
The other woman is his mother.

PS : This can be a mother's feelings too, when her son gets married. This is just from where I stand :)

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