Sunday, February 10, 2008

My aishoo

"manchineellu amma,pattukondi!",shouted our watchman from the groundfloor, his husky voice reaching even the 3rd floor.I was in a hurry,running from one mirror 2 another(we 've 3),adjusting my hair-do.. which was the order of the day(getting ready 4 college).My mom was busy with hearth,so she asked me to fill water. That was the last thing on my mind.With a scowl on my face,I collected those empty vessels, making a loud clattering noise. I heard a suppressed giggle.that was from my sis, and a stern glare from my mom.With the scowl getting even more uglier,I opened the door.
then ..I stopped n stared.I stared at the little thing ,on all her four limbs,smiling mesmerisingly,she was in her yellow frock,looking as cute as ever.Suddenly,I found myself smiling!My scowl vanished comletely!! her charming toothless smile bowled me over!!I ran 2wards her,putting down the vessels with a bang! she looked up startled. then ,there it was again!her toothless grin! I stooped and lifted her gently,kissed her chubby cheeks n brought her home.
"Hi,Aishu !!",my sister squealed. she dint lose a moment 2 snatch her away from me.but ,i was no less.I was anticipating that ,so i clutched her firmly.My father peeped in 2 c what the commotion was all about.when he saw aishu shaking vigorously 2 the tunes of 'hrudayam ekkadunnadi...',he came out dancing,his half-shaven face looking funny and struggling 2 find pace with the hit number.We(my sis n I),sang n sang (?!!) until our throats ached,but she never stopped dancing.
We have seen her grow from day-1 she was she is 1-yr old.12 months of attachment! she is very much a part of our family. she brings out the child in us. now,I willingly fetch water!!
today,when our watchman shouted his usual song,I opened the door,hoping to see the familiar face.But a big lock stared back at me! then I remembered,They had gone out of station,for 10 whole days!Any sound of a crying baby,and we would all rush to the door hoping against hope that aishu was back.
We miss her so much!!
well..this was long back..aishu is 3 yrs old now. mischievous and tantalising as ever!


  1. woww!!!the blog abt aishu..its soo lovely...i dint knw one can express their daily routine soo beautifully...fabulous flow of thoughts..i feel you have a great talent hidden in you...if u start writin wil be our pleasure 2 read them...

  2. thx madam!!! u are too generous in your praise ..ha ha...thx a lot


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