Sunday, May 25, 2008


She was lying on the bed. Her body was just a bunch of wrinkled skin hiding the bony skeleton underneath. She lay der …just as lifeless. She was on glucose…her palm pricked wid needle everywhere to find that elusive nerve (vein). A pipe was inserted in her nose that ran to a water source. She dint wince… it was as if she got used to the pain.

It was not diabetes. No, it was not B.P , or heart problem. For that matter, it was not any bodily disease that rendered her bed-ridden.

She was staring blankly …oblivious to the anxious glances of her daughters. Her body was small, shrinking day by day. Her bony structure outlined her weak body. She was dying.

“Amma! See here maa…I am your daughter “ My mom tried to grab her attention. All efforts went in vain.

She had lost everything but life. she lost her senses... she thought food as nothing more than some stupid stuff, she felt people as disturbance ...she dint enjoy going out..talking to people..

she was robbed of normalcy...

All her youthful days was spent in kitchen and serving her husband. And after his demise, she led a tortured life. Her daughter-in-law never approved of her. She made life hell for her and her son. She lived under constant fear. Gradually, she lost her mental stability, she was sinking. She could no longer help with the household, she could no longer take care of the house in their absence, she could no longer take care of the small children.

They wanted her no more.

But she loved her son. She never complained. Digested everything silently. She craved for her son’s attention but that was the last she got.

But who was to blame. In this fast paced life, everybody led a stressful life. Office tensions, late working hours, heavy traffic ..all these sucked up whatever little patience was left in man. Having gone through these torments all day, these petty differences at home were highly unwelcome. The wife was also working and came home tired. and she was ready to pick up a fight, not caring about her husband’s predicament. He was torn, between a pathetic mother and an outrageous wife. The wife always won. the mother was only happy to lose ,because her son was all she cared for. He realized this but was helpless. He was not bold enough to stand for his mother. He neither cared nor respected her enough that could have prompted ,if not equal, a little regard for her.

For the past few years, she was living a horrible life. she used to mutter something…never sit at one place, trying to do something ,lest her daughter-in-law would shout at her. It was unending restlessness to her. The fact that she was living with her elder daughter who was taking much care , left no impact. Her mind was still der… haunted by the Lady’s thoughts ….

Now, she lay motionless. No particular treatment was being given. She was a psychic patient and doctors looked down upon her. Only love could cure her.

“Amma! Look..I am Seenu..your son.”

And for the first time, she stirred. A faint smile appeared on her face. How much she loved him. And how much others hated him.

For the first time I wished…I wished ..she would die. It only pained to live….


  1. really superb.......hatsoff to u.ummmmmmmmmmm

    thx 4 being my friendq

  2. thxx a lot...
    hope u wud take care of ur parents [:)}
    i know u wud[:)]

  3. Sampada...u Really Write from ur Heart....I Believe it and u always prove it in every Blog...
    The Emotion is Fantastic.......and the Ending was too Great...I Wish No one ever Suffered so...atleast in the Future !

  4. great work..
    looking forward to more from this corner..


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