Friday, August 8, 2008

lost and found !

I has once been to a tailor shop. I carried a helmet, my wallet, keys, scarf, mobile and a bag..all in jus 2 hands!! [:P] I dumped all of them on his table , told him wot he ought to do and said i will collect from him in 30 min.Meanwhile i went shopping.

Just when i was thanking god that i hadnot forgotten anything, a lady came upto me and said"I think u have forgotten your mobile at the tailor ! "

"oh! is it? I will be going there in a few min. I will collect it..thanks a lot ! "

she left...

So stupid of me !

"where is my cell uncle?", i asked the tailor after my shopping was done.

"Aapka cell? " he asked, amused.

"Ofcourse! I had forgotten it here..u know naa..." I smiled.( i thought he was joking).

"I dint see any cell here. "

My smile vanished.

"Arey uncle...just now a lady told me dat u have my cell !!! "

"what !!!!!! was dat ur cell??? I had sent a boy to give it to her, thinking it was hers!!! she dint return it!!! "

Tears welled up in my eyes...but i fought them back..

"here, take my mobile. Call to your no. ", the uncle offered.

Guess wot...i dint know My Own No. !!!! It was a new sim and i hadnt memorised it yet !!!!I felt soo stupid !

AArrghh! y should this happen to me...

"Errr...i dnt remember uncle..its my frnd's mobile" i answered sheepishly.

I dialled sush's no.

No..No.If i tell him, he will scold me....

I called dad.

"Dad, can u tell my new no.?? "

"yes beta...9291656826...but y?? "

"never mind dad...thx a lot !"I dialled that no. now...

"the no. u have called is switched off"

It was expected.

I grew mind was conjuring up all wierd reasons i wud tell at frnds...

oh god ! help me....

"how uncle?? i lost my cell...wot shud i do? "

"dont worry..lets try "he called that boy...

"what! It was this mam's cell?? That lady is soo chaalu..she took it sincerely !! " , he exclaimed.

Luckily, the tailor had her no.I went to a nearby shop and called her.

"Hello aunty! I am talking from the tailor shop. The cell phone which....."

line cut.....

I called again...

"hello...hello aunty.....the cell phone...."

"I cant hear u..", she said.

line cut....

there was a lot of disturbance. She was in bus already.I dialled again....determined to pin her down.

"have u taken the cell phone the boy gave u??" i came to it directly.

"what cell?? i returned it to him...i dont know anything..y r u asking me?? "

line cut....

i hid my tears..u can imagine my position..I cursed myself for being so careless...

Back at the tailor...

"Uncle, she flatly denied having taken the fone.." , i said trembling.

"dont worry, u will find it."

"But how?? "

"Actually, the lady had returned it. Its the boy who stole it. He got scared and confessed everything to me...he will be coming with the mobile..dnt say anything to him."

"whoaa !!! "

I listened with my eyes wide open!

" here is your cell madam! We found the lady at the bus stop..luckily for u she dint get the bus yet!" the boy came upto me and handed over the mobile.

Besharam..saala...wot an actor he is!!

I promised myself i would be careful from next time..

But i keep forgetting my promise!!:(((((


  1. hey dats auntys number na....anywyyas its a good lesson for u not to leave ur belongings near anyone......ayana entha baddakam aithe u leave ur cell phone n other things huh,,,idiot....

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. hahaha...gud....u didnt keep ur promise?? u loast ur cell again???

  4. no re...i forget to be careful... :)))


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