Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Random things...

1.Here are 3 of my secret wishes.(Hushhh..please dont tell anybody..)

~ Dance like crazy.Forget I cant dance.Forget there are people around..Forget that I will live the next day too and have to see these people in their eyes.Just dance to the music I love.

 I am scared I will be confined to my home with 2 little kids skimpering around me and then to my age and then eventually die before having my "moments" of dance. I had so few of them.The last one I remember was during my mehndi...when we did a little jig..well..among aunties ,but it was fun !

~  Be a part of Just For Gags.It would be sooo nice if somebody played a prank on you..and you reacted soo well.. somebody shot all of that and then you had a hearty  laugh at the end of it.

I wish somebody would do that to me.Too much to ask? 

~ Drink and get a high.Drool..sway..and stagger..I associate drinking to - Dont remember anything.Find yourself in a mess.Be a mess.Deep slumber.Fresh start.

2.Why do we have to eat 3 times a day ? I seem to be hungry all the time ! Eating is fine....but cooking... just beats me ! Every night I sleep thinking what to cook in the morning for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

I seem to like my cooking.. but my man doesn't seem to share the same opinion.Phew !

And to make matters worse, some  ***hole said  the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - I am sure I am nowhere on the treacherous "way" .

3. You know about the new invention ?BPS ? Budget positioning system?

We invented it.

The minute you spend a 100 bucks , this thing whirrsss around and calculates how many pennies less you would end up with.and what you will have to cut down on.Just like how the GPS "recalculates" when you change direction.

We are running on such a tight budget these days, that when we locked ourselves out from our home, and when we realised we will have to spend 125$ to break open the lock, our BPS didnt stop whirring.
We spent half a day in the the scorching sun.Hungry and tired and dirty ( no bath you see), contemplating what to do.
The irony was, our owner had a duplicate key with him but he chose that weekend to go out of town.
The pesticides company campbell also had a key, but they were closed on a Sunday.Nobody was picking up the phone.
We ran through the list of secretaries' and treasurers' and the you-know-whos' names- ran to their homes to seek help,hoping to hear the golden words ' Oh.. we have another set with us .." or maybe " you can stay with us for the night until your owner comes back !" Dont know what we were expecting.. but we ran from pillar to post to avoid spending those 125 bucks.
This running helped in a different way, when the treasurer suggested we try opening the window or break the lock as they are not too strong.
Luckily for us, we found the window was not latched too properly and we broke into our own home.That was such a relief !
We laughed like crazy after our little mis-adventure.and ofcourse the savings !

4.I got the shock of my life yesterday, from none other than my dear hubby.

Tired of munching on serials and plain puffed rice, deprived of things that fit into the category of "snacks" , we decided we will make grilled sandwich to break the frikkishly boring eating routine.I hunted for that booklet that came with the grilling machine for any tips to make a "good" sandwich.

When I didnt find it anywhere, I turned to Sush for help. He asked me to look in the CSC bag, that is not less than any storehouse.. it has all the bills, receipts, documents from bank, credit unions, insurance etc.

I looked at the messy stack of papers and books in it and sighed.

"I wish we could use a Ctrl + F here too ..."

"Ctrl F ?  Whats that ?!  " That was hubby dearest.

Now you cannot imagine my horror when you know that he had lost it, despite being an IT guy !

I think sitting at home for 3 months without work does that to you.

 October - how I am waiting for you !!

Just some random things - 

Times that are not to be forgotten.

Moments that needed to be remembered.

And  wishes that needed to be reminded... to hold on to them.

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