Monday, July 1, 2013

Home alone...

Home alone.Watching TV but feeling lonely.Tried to write but not in mood.Tried to read but ..sorry didnt try at all.Nobody else blogged this weekend,so nothing new to read.Feeling hungry but feeling lazy too.Tomorrow potluck at office ,so didnt cook dinner too.Have to survive until tomorrow,so had oatmeal.Looked left.Looked right.Looked up.Looked down.Found nothing interesting.Tried to feel nostalgic, but how? Opened up old photos on FB.Saw some childhood photos with Sahu.We were cute.Read old comments.Made me smile.Felt good.Saw some more older photos.Liked what I saw.Liked how I looked back then.Looked at myself now.Holy crap.Then came Deluxe.CTS.First company.First project.Late working days.And working weekends.Free lunches.Dutch parties.Appraisals.Questioning the ratings.Discussing confidential matters.Bitching about team leads.PJs.Hardwork.Smartwork.Future planning.Failing.Getting up.Moving ahead.
.A shot crisp email to all the friends that I left behind and didnt catch up.Felt good again.Hungry at 12:30.Bread and jam.Water melon juice.Lonely again.Hubby dear,you better start missing me.

But, a wonderful night.Good night.


  1. Thanks Srinija :)

    I keep checking your blog if you started writing again.. Why did you stop ? You write so well.. and interesting stuff too :)

  2. You can write on anything and everything and also even when there is nothing. Now I get the reason that triggered the mail. Good job!!

  3. @Vaisakh - Hahhaa... there was so much of hardwork behind it.I had to stimulate myself to do what I did :P

    Thank you for ur comments !


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