Sunday, August 18, 2013

The empty cup

She looked out of the window,sipping her hot cocoa, the hot flames misting a small portion  of the glass door of her patio.She ran her fingers over it..doodling her name.

It started as a slight drizzle first but now it was gaining strength.It was still gentle..but firm as if saying it was here to stay.

Rain somehow made her nostalgic.She was amused at how it brought back memories buried in time.Maybe because you suddenly feel grateful for the warmth of your house..the warmth of the loved ones beside you,she thought.It breaks the pace at which you were running and lets you sit and ponder.It gives you those precious moments to yourself where you just sit back and let your mind take a free trip down the memory lane.

What she loved the most about rain was it gave hope.Everything looks so beautiful and perfect that you begin to believe that you can be happy all over again.That you can start afresh.

She looked at the empty cup on the tea-poy and felt lonely.She missed the second cup which would have been there had he been there.Her thoughts went back to that day they both sat in the very same couch,sipping coffee,staring at the rain pouring away in all its glory.It was a long while ago.

She remembered she was hungry and she had mentioned that to him.He was lost in his own world and didnt respond.

"I am hungryyyyy" she reiterated, a little louder this time.

This time he had turned. "What do you want me to do..cut a body part of mine and offer you to eat ?" He had said with a naughty grin on his face.They had both laughed then.It still echoed in her ears.

That was 40 years ago.Its funny how she still remembered every detail of it.Its the rain,she again thought.It revived memories she had long forgotten.If only rain could bring him back.She always found the withered flower spring back to life after it rained.If only....

She sighed,picked up her cane and limped back into the house,pushing away tears that blurred her eyes momentarily .


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