Thursday, March 10, 2016

Personal Time Off

I attended my status call in the morning, at 6:30 am. I was done in 20 minutes and then went back to sleep. It was time to get up again. My alarm was incessantly ringing and I couldn't get myself to wake up. I wasn't motivated this morning meant there was nothing pressing in office. And that meant I could afford a leave.

After a quick message and a loud declaration to Sush, I happily went back to slumber.

I woke up around 9. The bedroom window was a pleasant sight. It was the right amount of sunny. I sprang out of my bed, energized to do something good out of my day! A whole day to myself. No interruptions. And a nice weather.

I made myself some hot ginger tea. Sush doesnt like ginger, so I don't get a chance to have ginger chai usually. So this was a double blessing. I made myself comfortable on the dining table, with my laptop.

My first goal was to finish off my pending posts. There were a lot of drafts, sitting there waiting for someone to complete them. I was also planning on participating in the April A-Z Challenge ( you see the badge !?) , so I was preparing myself with themes, prompts etc. The words came off beautifully, pages and pages of them. As proud as I was with myself, I hated the fact that I will have to cut down the length. Every word came from the heart, so you can imagine how hard it is to erase it just like that.

I didn't bother with cooking because there was some left over food. Scavenger that I am and not-a-fan-of-wasting-food, I mixed everything and had a sumptuous lunch. A little rice, a little palak dal, a little beans fry, and a little of baingan bharta, topped with some creamy yogurt. There, my fridge is clean again and I can start afresh now without any guilt.

My next goal was to do some reading. Four chapters into ' Palace of Illusions' , I was already hooked to it. Mythology, with a modern touch told from a woman's point of view is a dream combination. I took a short walk to the creek, earphones plugged in, and sat under the shade of a tree. I had always pictured myself doing it..reading by a lakeside.. the gentle breeze ruffling my hair..and nothing to worry about. It was a dream come true. I love solitude. Being alone myself sometimes. It brings peace to my mind.

My another dream is to sit in a cafe and write. The world going at its own pace around you, and you penning your thoughts with a hot mug of coffee. Simple dreams. Or wishes probably.

Anyways, back to my day. After a bunch of household chores, it was time for afternoon chai again. It somehow feels incomplete to not start and end a day with chai. I am not particularly ending my day, but it is the end of peak activity. Everything mellows down after this time.

Now comes my third, important goal. Its funny how the important ones always slip behind the exciting ones. Do some useful reading. You know, not some woman's fantasy but something that is really useful. Like PMP for instance. I try to do that, but my mind springs up another idea. How about making some evening snack for Sush ? He would be happy if you surprise him with something he likes. Like sheera ? You don't get to be home often, so why not think about your husband for a change ?

DK, Harish, if you are reading this, mother promise, I set out to read PMP. But my wife-self won over the employee-self and I was lured into the kitchen.

So there, that's how my personal time off flew.

Do you take any time off from work or from the monotony of  life ? No, not vacation or leave to attend to chores or when you fall sick.

Just a day off to be with yourself. To do something that interests you .

What do you do in your PTO ?


  1. I think PTO changes once u r married. I am not and I really dont have anyone but me to devote my time too. That makes me sad and happy at the same time. My time is spent mostly on reading or binge watching on series :P

  2. That's wonderful too ! But yeah, that 'me time' becomes special when its rare and you crave for it. Make hay while the sunshines,yo!

    Thanks for dropping by :)


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