Friday, June 24, 2016

Rising from dust - Friday fictioneers

Note: The following post is an attempt to write a 100-word short story using the picture as a prompt. Friday Fictioneers is a brainchild of Rochelle. Do visit her for more information.

copyright-Rich Voza

“Run Meera. Break free. It’s your life and nobody can take it from you“, mother’s words echoed in my ears. Dawn was breaking, lifting the blanket of darkness. As if the universe was telling me it’s time for a new day, new life.

I held Nidhi closer. It surprised me how such a tiny little thing gave me the courage to break from the shackles that bound me for five years. With renewed energy and resolve, I calmed my thudding heart and walked towards the gate, nervousness paving way to confidence. That moment, I made a promise. To never return.  



  1. My best wishes with Meera - Well penned Sampada

  2. Sometimes a little child can provide just the motivation needed to escape. A poignant story.

    1. Yeah, echo your thought. Thanks for reading!


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