Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hello folks!

I have a small announcement to make. *Drum roll*

I have decided to add a little value to this blog of mine. All I had been doing here is wasting myself, other's time, rant about as silly as bathroom woes and dish out tastelessly done stories. So to feel a teeny weeny bit useful to the world, I am going to start two initiatives.

First one is to help a large portion of the world get through a widespread problem, namely, Monday Blues. It could be a famous quote to inspire you, a joke to crack you up or a thought provoking statement to let you take lead and charge ahead!
(This is a pure marketing gimmick. For all we know, what you read may have no relation at all with what I said. Inspired by current marketing trends).

And because we are tackling Mondays here, this post will be scheduled on Sunday nights EST( to benefit Indian readers :))

The second one, is largely to help myself. Being thoroughly poor at general knowledge that leaps out at lunch table conversations, I started reading a lot a bit. About history, presidents, current affairs, books, what-not. But being blessed with an outdated RAM (or is it ROM?), nothing stores. So all the information I gathered, is almost as if I never did. And what's the best way to tackle this? Discuss it! Share it! Write it somewhere! And not just such boring stuff, but there will be more on the lines of 'Did you know?' of Tinkle. Remember? Little interesting facts here and there.

This will be scheduled on Wednesdays.

I am known for inconsistency, so I really hope I am able to stick to the schedule for atleast 2 months. Yes, that's the timeframe I am looking for. I will start being a little forgiving of myself after this.

I really hope you find it interesting and useful!

Watch out for "Monday WarmUp"  and "Wiser Wednesdays" ! Lame names? I know!

Starting from this Sunday - 08/14/2016.


  1. Awesome! Good going and looking forward to feel warm on Monday and wise on Wednesdays :)

    1. Haha! Thanks Parul. I will be reaching out to you some Mondays for ideas :P

  2. Great initiative Sampada! This short term goal will definitely do good. Looking forward to it. :)


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