Saturday, November 12, 2016

30 things before 30 -Part II

The reason it took me so much time to write about the next 15 is, no prizes for guessing, I haven't accomplished much here. The ones I really would have liked to. The ones that would have given me some satisfaction in an otherwise soulless life I lead.

To read the goal list, please go here
And to read Part I, click here

16. Yes. I got this one done. I am PMP certified now. Like every said, it was one monkey off my back. I was preparing for this one from pre-historic ages. And the only thing that kept me motivated and driven was this 30-before-30 goals I proclaimed to the world. There is nothing that could beat the feeling of striking off an item from a list.

I remember a particular lunch-table conversation where this question was asked - "If you had a chance to change something about your childhood, what would it be?" And I remember answering "The way I learnt things. The way I learnt the subjects in school". Saying things is so easy, no? I studied for this PMP in exactly the same way I used to before. More for passing the exam and less for understanding and real life implementation. Sigh.

17. Don't even get me started on this. Technology is accelerating at break neck speed and I am like the snail lost in a hurricane. I have a hundred options to choose from and there is a high chance that by the time I learn it, there would be another in the market that surpasses it. In today's world, anything, anything is possible and I don't like it. This is not the world I thought I knew.

18. I haven't figured this one out yet. A lot of introspection, retrospection went in. I kind of know what drives me, what makes me better. But in all this process, what I found out is I miss being in touch with my heart. I lost how it feels to be really touched. To feel something move inside me. To be humane once again.

I would really like to have this back. More on this in a different post.

19.  Nah. Didn't happen. No complaints. I had the opportunity to visit other beautiful places. I got to see the fall colors in full bloom. The bright red and the burning orange and the stunning yellow colors took the breath out of me and transported me to a mesmerizing world..

20. Not once, but twice!  The second time was when the temperatures were 42-45 F ( or 1-2 deg C). We had pulled over jeans over jeans, sweaters over sweaters, and sat by the camp fire until the last twig burnt out. That was quite an experience.

21. I started doing it, and for a good period of time. And then I realized I was doing it for the smell of incense sticks and the sight of the tiny deepam. I was doing it to have an answer when dad asks about it. And then I stopped doing it.

22. Yes I got one back. I think. That day, when we talked for almost two hours on phone, it made me happy that we have so much in common. That even if we didn't talk everyday or even every month, we can light a conversation on fire. That how we share the same opinion on a lot of things and how the same topics interest us. I haven't found anybody like you in so many years and I would never want to lose you.

And the other one, I am working on building it. I know we could be great friends and like everything that grows, this needs some watering. I hope I do whatever it takes.

23. Last time I was in LA, I went into a Mac store on impulse, got a compact power, a face sponge and an eye liner. I even got a hair straightener from a local store. Now I look more like an IT professional than like the cleaning lady on the premises.

I almost hear Sush yelling "Everything you do needs a heavy investment first." *wink* *wink*

24. That I do. Just that I don't remember much of what I read :( Any tips on how you do it? If it is just memory power, then keep it to yourself!

25. That I do.  Just that I don't remember much of what I read :( If it is just memory power, then keep it to yourself!

26. I guess I have to take a course of data mining and data analytics to understand the data about ME and figure out what that actually means! Why is it so tough?

Atleast I have data.

As for the society, there are so many things we can do. Doing good and spreading goodness is one. Remember the ad where a person does good to a dog, somebody sees it and does his part somewhere else, and how the good comes back to the first person? We 'think' a lot of things. We seldom act. We care about so many things and so many people, but we rarely do anything besides caring in our hearts.

One thing I learnt from Sush is, if you care about something or somebody so much, then DO something about it.

So you might see a lot of ACTION from me in the future ;)

27. I couldn't say I did. Not even one perhaps.

28. Well, if talking about it or writing a blogpost about it counts, then yeah *Sheepish look*. I will keep trying and even if I can change one person, I would consider it done.

29. I still judge people! I just cant help it. But I don't let that affect my relationship with them. Every person is different, everyone has their own learning curve, everyone has different exposure and different backgrounds. So its unfair to shoot them down for who they are.

And I think everyone judges. You observe. And derive conclusions. Its basic human nature. Its almost like breathing. And there is no harm in it unless you put a label on a person with a glue that sticks so hard that you cannot pull it off without tearing some of it.

30. I don't have anything to show for it. But I see myself thinking less about failure and more about trying it out.

There, I said it all. This was a great journey. The most productive of all of my existence :D


  1. Wow, Sampada! I read all three posts and I must say, you have it all clear! By 30 you have accomplished quite a many things. Well, if your post has been lengthy, my comment is also going to be a bit read on.
    First of all, DO NOT think you are growing OLD. Take it from me, I am 43, so I know what I am talking. I FEEL only 17. It's really how you feel within, and your attitude that matters. So, please, don't keep thinking that you are growing old. Hmm?
    Next, I must say, we have so much in common, lady! I was actually zapped! There are a few things at the back of my mind, that I want to fulfil for myself, the first being learning to swim. Next is learning a dance form other than Indian classical. Polishing, or rather, re-learning German also exists on that list, staying well-groomed and taking better care of how I look, follow suit. I being a homemaker, am mostly in my PJs. So, of late I have begun taking better care about how I appear when I step outdoors. Blogging, reading and sketching more than I used to also figure there. However, I know how life can be - funny and weird. SO, I take one day at a time. I put in my best in whatever I can do TODAY. And, I think you should do it, too. It's great if you can accomplish all the things you decided for yourself, but, if you didn't, then don't beat yourself for that. Just count the things you achieved. At the risk of sounding preachy, it's age that taught me all of this.
    So, keep going, girl. Celebrate your birthdays without ruing that you are a year older. rejoice in the fact that you are a year wiser. Plan things, do stuff you can do, forget about the things that you couldn't. It's okay. As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.
    Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep doing things that your heart fancies, but do not consider yourself OLD. You are still young. And, from what I have read here, you are way younger than the youngsters I see around.
    You go, girl!
    Love n hugs! God bless!

  2. Wooohoooo!!! Shilpa, cant thank you enough for you long and lovely comment! I know I should not be feeling all that bad about being 30, and I confess I may be acting a little dramatic, but there definitely is a lurking thought that it may not be all hunky dory next :) But I guess we get prepared by life, naturally, for the next phase, and maybe I am and I just dont know it yet. So I am fine now, and thanks for your comforting words:)

    Glad to know we have so many things common from the list! I wish you best with them, and hope you achieve whatever you set out to do !

    1. Sampada, the only difference I notice in myself at this age is my hormones going crazy and driving me nuts at times. But, otherwise, as I said, I feel as young as a 17 yr old. Take care of your health and keep an army of your girl-friends, sisters etc close to you. You will need them. Believe me.
      That's all. Wish you the very best! :)

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