Saturday, March 8, 2008

hyd to kurnool

I was waiting with dad for the train to arrive.
everything was planned. I was to join Meena and her family at malakpet station. She wud tell me where they wer seated as soon as they settled down at kachiguda so that i cud catch them easily. is wot happens when u are busy making plans....
dat day..all hell broke loose...

" Hi Sampu! we are in the third bogie re..make it fast! !"

the train had started frm kachiguda.I had to hurry...
but..where's dad??
oh shit...where the hell is he??
"ok saab! theek hai...."
aaaah ! der he was..chattering away happily in his dabba mobile....

"DAAaaad!!!come sooon..chalooo!!! "
by the time he gathered why i was acting hysterically...the train thundered past us! at full speed!

i grabbed my dad's hand and we ran top speed!!
the whole platform was in a frenzy. the train would stop for only 2 min and that was enough to put people on their toes.

we worked our way through the crowd ..puffing and panting! had a hard time dodging people...sometimes bumping into them , inviting stern glares.
we kept running...the engine kept evading us...the more we ran,the more serpentine the train seemed. everybody was running! it was jus lik a marathon!!

poor dad!

then the horn sounded!!
After a hurried "bye" , i got into a coach ,wid a big bag giving me company..phew!
i moved ahead...hoping to get into the adjacent coach.but as luck wud have it..der was no connecting door!Damn it!

This stupid bag! y is this soo big ! i am unable to carry myself in this crowd and this addition to my grievances..
the train hadnt started yet.....
shall i get down and get into the next bogie? will i be able to make it?? I had to act fast!!
I got heart beating faster...
i hopped into the next compartment...

thank god! der was the connecting door!

i moved ahead...clumsily...constantly worried that my bag would hit some unfortunate head. i trotted till i came to an end.

i stood near the door..the cool breeze providing me relief.i was too lazy to find a place for myself.
TRING !! TRING!! my mobile rang.
"Beta ! how r u?? u are safe na! have u met ur friend?? sorry beta..all this because i insisted on going to malakpet instead of kachiguda"
"keep quiet dad ! its so thrilling! i should actually thank you :) "

quite a few guys wer standing...sum of them students. They were a pleasant sight to watch enthralling.

ting! ting! SMS!!
"wot dng?? got seat aa? "
it was meena...
"No no cost i am going to miss a treat to my eyes! "
"ha ha..bechare" was the non-chalant reply i got. hmm..jealous..hehe

time passed off peacefully....except for the two more bogie jumpings i had to do before i finally caught up wid them.

the train halted at yet another station..

A pair of feet and a pair of eyes were searching frantically for someone..ya ya..they were mine.
Der they wer!!!
ha hahaaaa!!!

it was so cramped!!..meena was actually crouching on the upper berth.half bent..with luggages all around her!!
Around 20 people shared the same compartment!!

i smiled to myself..
my position was better....


  1. its good ............wht abt 4m kurnool to hyd

  2. Well..

    They say..
    Never judge a book by tis cover..

    and the new caption..
    "Why should boys have all the fun!"

    Hope I made it clear..

    nice one..
    kurnool is my hometowna nd i am very much familiar with this scene..
    I am never lucky as u r!!

  3. achaa... was d most hilarious experience for me :)
    hope u get lucky nest time :P

  4. sush!!!! kurnool to hyd kuda raayamantava??? tell me....and i will pakka write!!

  5. sure ga rayandi... even i think u can borrow caption from matty:)

  6. good one..
    last year i had a worse experience than this.


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