Monday, March 17, 2008

pursuit of happiness...

Good things often come in small packages.small things make simple moments greater n sweeter.A sweet smile, a gentle touch,a discrete wink....all these hardly last for a second ,but the happiness n warmth they spread around r simply matchless.
The way u look at things decides how happy u r.If u vie 4 things which u dont have or u cannot have,u can never b happy.

I lead a happy n contended life.I might not have enjoyed the flamboyant freshers' party,but i cherish the moment all our family members got together 4 dinner. even the arduous bus journey brings a moment of delight.It may annoy me,disgust me 4 a while, but when i ultimately alight from the bus,I feel happy that its over.
My joy knows no bounds when my 3-yr old neighbour flashes her scintillating smile.I sense some kind of overwhelming "apnaapan"( i culdnt get the right word)spurging from inside when she comes trotting 2 me...these may seem insignificant,but surely they transform 2 bcome abstract artifacts n remain afresh up to eternity...just like a word of gratitude ,a warm handshake, an affectionate pat......

One maynot find a pool of water interesting,but one can always experience the magicof the mystic dewdrops on leaflets.

the few hrs i spend with my cousins...those splendid times when i pulled my friends' legs,regaling them with father's absent-minded theatrics(n also mine),my granny's dal chawal,n of course eating panipuri on the roadside...all these form my fun-filled happier moments.I never yearned 4 a better life.

of course there r challenges,in every body's lives. life is like a rose. u will meet thorns along the way,but if u have faith and courage ,u will eventually move beyond the thorns into the glory of the flower...there is a brighter side 2 the darkest situation.Only u should have the courage 2 look 4 it.

When u r contended, even the smallest of small things make u happy.

Dont let life bypass u in your pursuit of ur life....
i am living mine ....

keep smiling......


  1. Every rose has its throns..
    But.. these throns my dear...
    never stopped me from my rose!!

    well said..
    After all.. these small happniess and small moments in one's life is what matters!!

  2. My God.....Iam Greatly Impressed Sampada....evrything here is right...and many moments in life i cherish in the deepest of my heart are all related to what u have wrote in ur blog...

    really a Heart touching one....ipressive yaar....(i dont get good vocabulary to explain coz iam a bit poor at my English...)

    I'll Definitely post one such Blog definitely in mine too....

  3. all things small and beautiful..this is wot is life made up of...look around and u will find lots of them...and u will never feel sad!!

  4. thx a lot sriram!
    actually a frnd had asked me "wot happiness means to u"..and i had written a loong mail to him....this was my amswer to him.
    he too was shocked ..ha ha

  5. awesome!!!is wht i can say...cuz i alwayz whine for wht i dun hav n forget 2 find happiness in da thngs i possess...aftr readin this blog i thnk i need 2 change da way i luk at thngs...i feel the urge 2 change myself now...n wht i felt z wheneva i feel low may b this blog wud set ma mood rite...gud content...

  6. The opening is very good "Good things often come in small packages.small things make simple moments greater n sweeter."

    also in the title, happiness with a 'y' would have been better.dont ask me y? [:P]


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