Friday, March 26, 2010

eVeryThing outta nOthing !!

It was scorching summer and the sun was very generous in spreading his heat that day.Priya and Rakesh had decided to meet up that day at a friend's house.She was dressed in a light green kurti and skin fitting jeans and he was wearing a striped T, looking fresh and handsome.
"Hi!" Priya waved as he came towards her on his bike.She was on her bike too,Scooty pep+,her constant companion.She was always the first to reach the meeting point and today, she had to wait a good ten minutes for him to show up.She would'nt have minded if not the for the sun hitting hard on her.She hid her irritation and smiled at him.. She loved his company and was longingly looking forward to spend the entire day with him..
She picked her best that day..brand new kurti and jeans.. had dabbed a little eyeliner .. and was wearing the watch he gifted her.None caught his attention as he failed to compliment her..minimum decency u knw !!A girlfriend always expects to be admired ..or atleast teased for the efforts she puts in to impress the boyfrnd...A simple ,sweet lie, told as a truth will only increase your chances of a beautiful day... hai na??
Now having been pissed off for the second time.. she was beginning to worry..wots wrong with this boy.. Its not that he was indifferent.. he was the most caring..most romantic.. and fairly knew how to win a girlfrnd over.. but all these qualities sat on the backburner today as priya burned from inside...
They had started off.. to their frnd's house..on separate bikes(Now, this was his next blunder...The backseat is the legal right that automatically a girlfrnd inherits with her status..and now she was being deprived of that !!! )
She was still fuming... when Rakesh did the missing act. He was nowhere to be seen..she reduced her speed...and looked around for him..expecting him to catch up."What could have happened..? Did he run out of fuel?or a flat tyre?? He could have phoned me..He always makes me do what I hate most..WAITING !!!"
After what seemed an eternity,Rakesh if nothing happened.. One look at priya and he knew she was cross.And one sweet smile and eyes that said sorry..everything melted...that was the magic between them.. they cannot be cross for long.. 2 yrs of courtship had made them expert face-readers..and each ensured the smile never faded from their faces..

They went along.. Rakesh leading the way..and stealing glances at Priya occasionally from the rear-view mirror...She knew this and let a smile appear on her face...There was some ruffling sound..and priya diverted her attention to where it came from.. She saw a cover with "Archies" written on it fly by..There was something dangling from Rakesh's handle..on closer look she found it was a small,cute purse..

Tears welled up Priya's eyes...How thoughtful of him.. and how thoughtless of her...

She wondered how he could make small moments feel special.. he had that innate quality of presenting things in a cute way,she realised.The day was turning out to be nothing of ,it was everything for her.. This was one of those beautiful memories she would cherish forever...

It all sums up to how you fill the moments of your life...a little effort can bring wide speaks volumes of how much you care and how much you want him/her to feel special...

PS: Hope you liked it..Will come up with more...I just realised the "writing" thing is still alive in me :-P


  1. Heya!!! welcome back aboard... It was simple n true to the feelins of a gal..
    One clarification I need is "DO U OWN A SCOOTY PEP+???" (seriously kidding)

    Go on... looking forward for more from ur side.. and writers nvr die...


  2. I think she does. :) Because, if my memory serves right, I remember reading some post of yours about you forgetting your keys often back in college. And the post did bring back some good yet goofed up memories of my own.

    Anyway, I know its lousy way to catch up but logged into blogger after ages.
    And yeah please revert back. Getting bored here. Holidays. Internship will probably start after another month. Not even sure if its going to be France, Germany or Netherlands. Hope everyone is fine back home.
    Give my love to all.

  3. OOooooh !!! thanks lots all of u out der ..

  4. Ya..I do own a scooty pep + !!
    Some reality always gets mixed with ur imagination.. :P


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