Sunday, August 1, 2010

A rocking friendshipday !

It must have been the hundredth time that I glared at the watch... the clock was ticking lazyily and the time refused to move faster..

The day had begun with me shooting off emails to all my friends..furiously typing msgs telling them how important they were to me...wishing them loads of luck on this friendship day.At the end of all this furore,i sat back ,pride swelling up from within.I had a few really good friends and I made an effort to make them realise what they meant to me today.And that made me happy.

But the feeling evaporated soon.I had a little fall out with one of my best friends today and that made me miserable..I was too egoistic to call her back again and kept sinking in a wave of thoughts that swept me away from normalcy.I kept recalling previous incidences , trying to convince myself that I was not wrong in behaving this way..and the recollection dint make me any happier.I stopped cribbing about this when another thought made its entry silently,nibbling my mind for attention..

I was wishing the day would end soon.the day ended but the night doesnt seem to cooperate.Its as if i can snuggle inside the blanket and abolish all the thoughts from my cosy feeling
Chalo..wish me luck.I need it badly.


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