Thursday, June 16, 2011

10 Ways to know Its a SoFtwaRe EnGineeR.. !

1)At Mc'D's counter,

"Sir, We dont accept card.Only cash.."
"Ok.No issues."

2)I had called up my friend the other day for some information and said
  "Is it the right time to talk to you ??"

3)" YOU HAVE TO FINISH THESE WORDLISTS BY EOD  !!  "   I shouted at my sister.
      How pathetic.. !

4) "Try to come home soon today.Its anyhow friday na " . It was my mom.
    "We have DELIVERABLES mom !!  "   That was me.

5) At the end of every email,
    "Please let me know if you need any further information "

6)  At a restaurant ,
     "Do you have corporate discounts ?? "

7)  Every sentence begins with Actually and ends with Actually..

     "Can you tell me how to reach tank bund ?"
     "Actually, go straight and then take a left.You can take an auto actually..but you can have  a    walk  too. Its a little far actually. "

8)  "Hey !" You know.. i m Sam , you know... just joined yesterday , you know know..with  2.5 yrs experience..not much , you know..but not less too know !! "

9)  " I am done for the day. Will start in a minute ! "

The tenth one is left to you. Come up with a brilliant one and you can win ..ahem.. hmm... chocolates !!

Do tell me which one was the best plzzzzzzzzzzzz...  

1 comment:

  1. The Best one You what you know...about the you know know....i have seen so many of know...with this strange know....i really liked know...the way you put it know...


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