Sunday, December 4, 2011

The invisible photographer

Happiness doesnt come knocking..nor can that be planned.Life's some of the best moments are least expected. And when we are least prepared.

The first time you sneezed when you were just a newborn.. That toothless smile which can only repeat when you are 80 , The beautiful sunrise, When you are helping a 5 yr old finish her math homework and are clueless as to how to explain her quotient and reminder..The time when you shouted your lungs out while riding your scooty...When you oiled your hair and neatly combed them into 2 plaits..and looked awful..When you broke into a jig unknowingly when your favourite song started playing...When you laughed till your stomach ached,tears streaming down your cheeks,the only thought running through your mind is "when will I laugh like this again..", The thrill of a surprise gift , There is a production abend..and you and your team is working frantically to get things right,tension mounting..time slipping... brains working...That evening when my wedding date was fixed should have seen my dad's face,happy like a child..rushing to me with the news ,happiness writ large on his face and many pairs of moist eyes around..That special someone said something nice that tugged at your heartstrings..the emotion..the moment that you shared with him are matchless..timeless..and precious..

These were moments in your life that were important to you, affected you in some way, good or bad or neither..and they remain with you as memories , as feelings, but like many other things, get lost in hordes of other memories.

As time passes..we are left with only memories..and as more time passes, even memory leaves us.

This is when I wish, wish God created a photographer invisible one.. who would stay by my side..capture everything on his lens.. when i cry..when i laugh..when i shout..when i frown..And when the time comes where I have time for myself, I can rewind, unwind and relive my past.

I think camera is the best thing man created. .. the moment is paused.and it remains with u forever .Ofcourse unless you lose it.

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