Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some random things....

1)Life has been good.Always.Maybe because I dint expect much from life.I am usually content with what I have and appreciate it.

2)I strongly believe in Service to humanity is Service to God. I dont go about praying and performing puja everyday.It has to be inside you. Helping a beggar with some change gives me more satisfaction than spending 10 min praying.

3)I realised that when I want something badly and pray for it, or wish for it, it eludes me.

4)I laugh at my mistakes.A hearty one. That helps me bear myself.Or I would have been dead meat by now.

5)I live to eat.

6)I love myself.

7)I get inspired easily.I continuoulsy change myself to make myself better. Anything that impresses me,I try to incorporate that in my life. I think before every action..I introspect after my every action. I make a mental note of "Dont do it again" if my action was "wrong" or hurt anybody.
So I dont know who I actually am.
I dont know my definition.
I am continually changing, for the better.

8)I am tired of  trying to be the mature/good human being. Sometimes I want to let go...and do things without bothering about the consequences.

9)When I am waiting... I can think of nothing but that I AM WAITING

10)Songs, these days are heavily dependent on music. You just cannot hum them if there is no music. And its very colloqial..less poetic.
teri meri ..meri teri..prem kahani hai mushkil....its just the permutation and combinationof words...

11)Five good songs  in a row..in paach pataka on FM cheers me up.The drive to office is more bearable then.
But that  rarely happens .

12)I changed a lot in 5 years. I hated myself back then. I was that stupid,overtly-self-conscious introvert.
Now,I am NOT :)

13)We have panipuri every single night..while going back home from office, followed by coconut water.
This is one thing that I love most about us.

14)I know almost all the panipuri wallahs in my locality. They know me too.

15)I love Hyderabad.It gave me koti,charminar and general bazar. And ofcourse a lot of fabulous restaurants. And a gupchup bandi at every corner.

16)I hate Hyderabad.It gave me only those.

17)Plz is as good as not saying Please at all. Same with Thx or wc. I hate these shortcuts.

18) Bad is attractive.

19) Maggi and Panipuri are the simplest, tastiest,cheapest, easiest food on earth. I can live on them.And ofcourse   dal  Chawal. And aloo fry. And ice gola. And enuf !

20) You can tell I am the simplest person on earth when I say
       I like Vanilla.

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