Saturday, April 21, 2012

Against all Odds :)

I got married , exactly 10 days ago, on April12th.

Besides marrying the man I love, what made it more special was it came off peacefully,without any hiccups.Two days of grand affair, thousand guests, variety of rituals, giving away gifts, collecting gifts..all was done with perfect coordination.

Then what were the Odds?

There was a hailstorm in hyderabad 2 days before my wedding!

Curfew was declared in our colony for almost a week.We had a hard time moving around and shopping.
The beauty parlour I most counted on , was to my horror, closed due to the curfew. I almost cried.

Sush's sister lost 60k rupees in the wedding chaos.Somebody picked her purse.

Just as I was about to enter their house, putting my right foot forward first, his sister fell down, flat on her face!

All these made our wedding even more memorable..for others too ! :D

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