Thursday, January 5, 2012

sucker of a start !

It was a horrible start ! Man ! From work point of view.

I was woken up rudely from sleep by the operatiopns team calling from client site. There was some locha in the cycle and I had to get it going again.
That was on Jan 1st 2012.

I has 1-1 with my manager. And I wasted it like water. I gave an impression that "it was the happiest working place ever..working for 12 hours a day was the nicest thing to do..and all I am expecting is more work to keep me happy " When I walked out of the room.. I felt soo dumb.

Jan 3rd.

I had to run a job ( mainframe language it is) on 4th. But I scheduled it a day before.A mistake. A very bad,silly mistake , which left us hungry,sleepless and restless.
The entire day was spent trying to cover the damage.

The promos dont look promising.I can hear "This is just the beginning lady !"  echoing .
Fingers crossed!

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