Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maggi ! Slurrrp !

The air had already begun to turn chilly as we negotiated tricky turns on the ghats and inched coser and closer to Shimla.We stopped for snacks..and with the air trying to tingle our senses, maggi was the most obvious choice. I have always loved maggi for some reason.Its simple to make, yet yummy.

As it slid smoothly down our throats,the hot vapours from the pallette brushing our face warmly, and each of us licking every drop that dangled from our lips...we thought it was a perfect start for the rest of the trip and a perfect end for the evening.

Long live whoever invented maggi !


  1. nd now...I am craving for MAGGI!!
    I am off to cook it like RIGHT NOW!!
    Btw thanks for tht beautiful comment on my blog :)

  2. Hey welcome Red !
    Thanks for dropping by :)


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