Saturday, July 7, 2012


After days of decaying and non-stop cribbing about the not-so-happening life and ranting about how I could change things but cannot /did not just because laziness refused to budge, I finally made up my mind to declare here, on my blog what I would like to do to get that change I am craving for.For one thing,I believe that if i say out loud instead of thinking to yourself, you get better results.

To be reasonable enough to myself, blog every week   every 2 weeks.

I have been stalking bloggers around in the blogger world to get the required inspiration, to get the kick.I leave their blog with awe..and then read my blog and get disappointed.I promise myself to write only a great post like they do...or none.. and so this lull.But then I also realised, great posts come only if you keep writing..and keep thinking.So here u go !

I will also post a picture/sketch I have taken/made relevant to what I have written

Listen to a lot of music.

Read a lot of books.

Exercise.Its important to look good and feel good.
This,I have been pledging to do everyday.."Let me sleep all I want today.I will be working out from tomorrow".I am still waiting for that tomorrow.*sheepish smile*

Let me end this with what dawned upon me.

You shape your life.What it is and what it is not is solely based on what you are and what you are not!

*Ouch! Its heavy!**

PS : If you notice,I have already broken my resolution 2.There is no sketch/picture tagged to this post.Boohoo !


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