Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some blatant truths

~ Almost everybody has a bad hair day.All these days I was thinking only my hair doesnt listen to me.
~ I just realised its a lame start.
~ Its easier to make the same mistake.You have less guilt.
~ Laugh at your own mistakes.There is never a better way to feel good about yourself despite the bad.
~ There are many things we do because our mind says so, and not because our heart felt so.Things would have been so much better had they been because you 'wanted' to and not because you 'should' do.
~ You think you can change him??Thats would be the biggest mistake of your life!
Learnt the hard way.Hmmph!
~Forgetfulness is bliss.A boon. Seldom do people realise.But I do.I dont remember the last time I cried, the last time I was mad, the last time I was hurt.
~Opposites attract.The question is ,will they last long ?
~Tum ho... by Mohit chauhan from Rockstar, just tugs at my heart.So simple.His voice drags you along with him.You feel the seperation from your non-existent lover.
It was raining, I was driving, and this number started playing from my playlist.I had the best time for myself that day.
~I just strayed from the topic.
~Nothing brings out feminity like a well worn saree does.Ofcourse on a well-worked-out body.
~Reading does amazing things to you.You meet different kinds of people virtually ,observe them, learn from them, live a life you possibly cannot in reality.
~People at top positions might be enjoying a lot of power and authority at the workplace,but when they come back home, the boss is usually somebody else ;)
~We have become so paranoid these days that when somebody is being nice or offers to help without any expectations, we begin to question their motives.

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