Saturday, September 29, 2012


...   Some days you just feel low.The pain and failed efforts that you suppressed and successfully ignored all these days suddenly start screaming their presence.All that you did patiently and religiously to improve things arent getting any results.You are surrounded by start losing confidence that things will ever become begin to get scared that you might get used to being like this..sometimes, a mistake which is smaller than a mistake costs you are forcefully taught some small lessons the hard way...the very strength that pushed you all along comes crushing down on one single day..The problems are not seemingly great,but they are affecting you every day.You want to cry out loud but you find no voice,just the tears.

...  And exactly on the same day, some other things also choose to go wrong.That is not making you feel any better.A bad day has just become worse.All you want is to duck, shut your eyes and just turn off everything.You try to smile through it, pacifying yourself that tomorrow will be better.Or much better,just laugh at how your day had been,take pride in that fact that you survived it and hope for a better tomorrow.

Just like I did.

What happened to me today?Well here it goes..

There need not be real problems to feel low.Its just the feeling.

My first problem - Some zits have cropped up on my face and they refuse to go.It has been 40 days and my every earnest and  desperate attempt went in vain.I have begun to hate my mirror.I tried ignoring them but the fact remains that one zit can shatter a girl's heart like anything.

I learnt a stupid lesson.The hard way.
I had popped a tablet and without drinking water, went straight to bed almost immediately.That fellow of a pill decided to stop by my whatever pipe in the throat.Overnight, some reaction happened and Lo! there was an inflammation.Since 10 days, my throat is hurting like anything.I am unable to drink water.I get very hungry but cant swallow.My food intake has reduced to half.And the worst part? I am taking 4 BIG pills now.

How my day became worse ?
I was supposed to make cabbage paratha.I started out with interest.Put my entire heart while adding the ingredients.But things went wrong.I messed up.Added more water than required.Any amount of adding the flour dint help.I added more flour.That made the salt and chilly powder less.I added salt and chilly powder again.Cabbage looked scanty.So added more of cabbage.Now cabbage also oozes some water.The dough again became softer.This cycle of events went on until I was tired and fed  up.
With some moral support from Sush, I was able to make the parathas and my family was able to have dinner.

Now as I sit tired and vexed and totally disappointed at how my day had been, I am still able to smile.Because it is just a day.It was bad ,no doubt,but I fought it.

Tomorrow is going to be better.

PS : I borrowed the title from one of the bloggers that I follow, without her consent. But it sounded just apt for what I was going to write.

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