Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A walk To reMembeR :\

We went for a stroll that night.I love evening walks.. it refreshes you like nothing.

I had been reading angels and demons and was very intrigued at the way science and religion were at loggerheads.
I had read sometime in school that galileo disproved and disputed  what was earlier believed that earth is flat and is the center of the universe and he was condemned for it.

I dint take it seriously then.

I had loved camerlengo all the while until the end.I was amazed at the way he described how science reduces the sunrise and the sunset to mere acts of neutrons and electrons..how it strips nature of its mystic beauty by explaining every phenomenon..how the beauty of ignorance and thereby the wonderment it fills us with is deprived of us.. how the faith we have in HIM is shaken when we are shown that not everything is a miracle of GOD but that of science.

I wanted to share this with Sush..while we walked... and I was animatedly talking . Sush gave the same look that I gave him when he talked about how he upgraded his mobile to icecream sandwich :|

We looked at each other and burst into peels of laughter. Now, there is no science behind this magic  :P

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