Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Shit does happen.

And yeah, it doesn't just happen to somebody, it can happen to you.Your once perfect world can crumble.

She knew it was coming.She knew there was no escaping it.She is not even sure if she can pick up the pieces and move on .It scared her to think that it may never be the same again.She wanted to scream "Why me??" but she is mature enough not to.

It was like she was being plunged into a pit of darkness,all signs of light fading fast.

It was like all the doors were closing and she is stuck,with reality.

She wanted to call him every hour, She wanted to hear his voice.She wanted to be assured that things are alright.Though he never really said it,she wished to see that assurance in his voice.She was afraid to ask how he was holding up, because she knew that one vulnerable moment and he will crumble too.

Everything that they had built together was coming down bit by bit in front of their eyes.They both knew they gave everything they could to save it, but it kept slipping until one day, it just crashed to the ground.

She looked beside her and saw him.She needs to be strong.She knows she is a fighter and  fight she will.With him.For him.


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    1. Hello Raaji... She says thanks.

      Glad to see you here.I am a big fan of your work :)


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