Monday, September 15, 2014

An honest confrontation

There are some things ,small things ,that make you unhappy.. but does that small thing mean a bigger problem at hand...?When do you start looking for it...?

You might not agree with some opinions..and the disagreement causes a frequent rift between you two..
Do you just brush it aside just like any other fight .. or begin to doubt of it were all that good in the first place...?

Forgetting what he said to you and being ga-ga all over him again is a good thing..or is it dangerous that you are forgetting what it is doing to you..and forgetting that he might not have forgotten ....?

It is okay to forgo small things.. it might be even easy..but then why is it so big for him?Why is it so difficult for him to let go ?

How important is it to ponder over where it is going ? Isn't it enough that you get over a fight within moments.. that you have more laughs together than ugly altercations..that you are proud of him despite his flaws...that you have more uncommon than common, but still know how to be happy...?Do you still have to stop and look back to check if the laughs you had were real..? that his flaws dont bother you.... or if you are really happy or its just that you don't remember the tears..?

And what if the answers are ready are you to accept it?

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