Friday, November 21, 2014

Destroyed in love

I sleep with fears crowding my head
Fears that I cannot tell
My head keeps throbbing all the time
as if living in hell.

Multiple emotions bottled up inside
Anger,sadness,frustration and hatred
Showing any of these would only mean
tearing you into shreds

Smiling is painful these days
But Smile I should
With feelings playing havoc in my mind
I was doing all I could

My wings have been clipped
I have fallen with a thud
Our life had just started together
But it was nipped in the bud

I cannot handle this anymore
I want to give up and run away
All I have to ask you is to let me go
I can pick up my pieces and walk away

Thats easier said than done
Without you I cannot be sane
My heart yearns to be with you
despite all the pain

I know its not your fault
Even to you, it was a rude shock
You held us together in these trying times
And stood as strong as a rock

My place is beside you
When it shines and when it rains
How much ever I hate it
I will learn to love again

I cannot bear to leave you alone
everything seems so unfair
Sometimes,it just takes a second 
for hope to change to despair

I promise I will be there with you
together we will deal with this blow
Thats the right thing to do
even if it means being destroyed in love.


  1. agony of love is described really well! effective words, i like this poem :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you Ankita ! Welcome to my space :)


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