Monday, September 21, 2015


Irrational. Logic less. Crashing dreams. Bottomless pit. Sleepless nights. Hopelessness. Beyond control. Untold fears. Crossed fingers. Harsh realities. Unfazed faith. Hypocrisy. Desperate measures. Only time will tell. Hope time heals.

That was how most of 2014 was.

For the first time in my life, I desperately wished that God exists and that he will take care of us.

This was a year I wish could be erased from my life, but what it taught me was something that I would always value. They say "Forget the pain, but always remember what it taught you". You become a different person. You either crumble under the pressure or come out strong. You either try to escape it or try to solve it.

I was being the first type of person..until something that I read on facebook changed the way I thought. I got my strength from a facebook post , of all the places and people. It was funny in a way that it was from the most unexpected source.

"You may not control all the events that happen you , but you may choose not to be reduced by you.Above all, be the heroine of your life.. Not the victim."

Maybe that was God's way of passing his message to me.

2014 taught me not to be a hypocrite. We say a 100 good things, but we seldom practice when it is our turn. I was doing the same and this gave me a chance to check my self and act.

It taught me patience. It taught me to deal with the most irrational of situations and most delicate of circumstances. And for the first time, I acted not for myself, but for somebody I love.

It taught me to really understand. Understand and accept. Accepting a situation helps you deal better with it. It gives you strength and peace of mind.

I learnt that things always get better. If you have the willingness to search for happiness, you will find it even in the darkest of hours.

I saw a totally different him. My respect for him increased tremendously. I hate myself for the times I left his side. All that he needed was a shoulder to rest when he was tired, and I denied him that.

It taught me not to take anything for granted. It can be YOU anytime. But that doesn't mean you have to live in fear. It means that "DO" what you want while you can. Go places when there is a chance. Live like there is no tomorrow.

2014 prepared me for life. It toughened me up. Now I am ready .

PS : This was sitting in my drafts since a long time..just happened to post it now.

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