Monday, September 21, 2015


She is creating ruffles in the entire region. She is making a few of my team members relocate, forced the  management to enforce a freeze and also postponed a production deployment.

No I am not talking about a "hot" employee. Erika is the hurricane that's making its way to Florida and the Caribbean.

She is creating a lot of flutter. We are getting emails to update emergency contact numbers, to stock up our homes with enough food and water, keep the car fuelled. She also triggered conversations about dying and who will inherit the legacy of support management.

I am excited. I have never seen a hurricane. I don't wish for anything drastic or life threatening, but I really hope Erika lives up to the little expectations I have !

And I really hope I have communicated clearly to whoever grants wishes that it should not be life threatening. An experience of sorts, a slight jhatka. I have more often than not been severely reprimanded for having such idiotic ideas, but experiences maketh life.

PS : Nothing happened. Erika ditched us . Not even a drop of rain. It was business as usual.

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