Thursday, October 1, 2015

30 before 30

This has been going around in the blogger world and I thought why should I be left out !? We wish to do a 100 things, we challenge ourselves many times, we even pen it down and hang it in the bedroom. But most of us, and I stand first there, lack the discipline to see through its completion.

So here is yet another try. A lot of things have begun to interest me lately. There is an urge to learn, try out new things, travel to new places, taste different cuisines, read, be creative, do some DIY projects. Basically to be productive. As the saying goes "Make hay while the sun shines", I want to add as many feathers to my cap as I can before the interest dies down.

Here is a list that I wish to do before my birthday next year. A lot of them are silly, small, one-day and also few- hour goals. And there are a also few that needs discipline and persistent learning. The small ones are important to provide the necessary motivation to stick to the plan. There is no greater feeling that striking off one item from this list!

And 30 because it makes for a very good title :P


1.Join swimming classes - CHECK!
2.Make 5 wall paintings
3.Win this damn tournament ! - LOST and HOW!
4.Read atleast 3 books
5.Organize and participate in a cultural event
6.Write one post every week.
7.Learn dancing to Nagada sang dhol
8.Get that butterfly wall d├ęcor project done - CHECK!
9.Learn the "smokey-eye" makeup - CHECK!
10.Learn to curl hair at home
11.Pick up words from a foreign language , like German. Be able to speak short sentences.
12. Learn to cook 10 new items


13. 1 hour of physical activity atleast 4 times a week ( tennis or jog or walk)
14.Sleep by 10:30 every night
15. Do yoga every morning for 30 minutes


16. Get a management certification done
17. Learn a new technology
18. Figure out what I wanna be. My long term goal.


19. Visit Bahamas(if no visa problem) or Alaska
20. Go camping


21.Light a deepam before the Gods every single day.
22.Revive old friendships/relationships
23. Start caring a bit about self-grooming.
24. Read a magazine for atleast 10 minutes a day
25. Read about one topic happening around the world everyday
26. Figure out what makes me happy. What I wanna do with my life besides work. In what way I can do something for the society I live in.
27. Make 5 people happy. As in real happy.
28. Create awareness about "wastage of food".


29. Stop judging people. Be open minded in liking and loving people.
30.  Keep learning. And stop being afraid of failing.

Deadline : 29th Oct 2016.

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