Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A glorious day!

I stepped on the weight scale with guilty nervousness. I had been gorging on food for the past few days and haven't been exercising. I was bracing myself for impact, getting ready for a huge disappointment and a bagful of regrets.

But voila ! It read 58.5 kgs, an all time low in the past 3 years! Dont ask me how ! Sush didn't believe me , so he asked me to get onto the scale again. It showed 58.9. I have no clue where those 400 gms got added from in one minute, probably my happiness enlarged my shape, but that number was still awesome.

So it was a great start .


Then later in the day, I saw happiness , pride  and a sense of contentment in the eyes of the one person I admire and respect the most. Okay, I dont know about the last two, but I definitely saw happiness :D And you don't know how that made me feel. I was happy like a child, reliving that scene over and over in my head. It made me think I am finally good at something and the best part- I started to believe that !
Most of the times it so happens that, when people tell me I am good at something, I don't trust them. Or, I don't trust myself. I always wonder if it was little bit of luck that contributed to whatever perception I was able to create.


And then J.O came over and said he missed talking to me ! With that boyish smile and eyes ! I was floored !

"I feel I don't get to talk to you anymore..."

"Why not..."

He shrugged and said.." We used to talk a lot more often before.. not anymore.."

I just hope I don't do something sheepish *_*


Just when I was wondering how come Monday turned out to be so wonderful, I realized it was not Monday. It was Tuesday!

Anyways - cheers to a happy day!


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