Saturday, January 2, 2016

B - Bitch

It all started getting clear to her. She was being such a fool.How did she even think that Akash was falling for her.
She felt nothing but rage as she recalled how smitten she was, completely blind to what was happening.


"This is my best friend Meera.And Meera, this is Akash, my best friend" ,Shikha introduced her two friends to each other, winking at Meera.
Meera gave a slight smile.Shikha had been raving about Akash and though she never acknowledged it, Meera knew she had a huge crush on him.
"Hello Meera !Nice to meet you". Akash held out his hand for a shake..and as a reluctant Meera shook hands, their eyes met.A slightly longer hand shake and eyes that instantly connected, both knew something was brewing.Meera noticed it too, but brushed it off as her imagination.

That was the beginning.


Her eyes were swollen and red with crying all night.The vodka helped her get through the night but it doubled the pain as she woke up to face her biggest fear.Akash was everything to her.It broke her to think that he never understood the "A" she had tattooed on her neck.How he dismissed her confession of love to him with that boyish laughter that day.How she had fallen more in love with him then.They were drunk ,yes, but that was the only time she mustered enough courage to express what she felt.

She felt more pain now.More hurt.And now it was giving way to seething anger. She felt worthless.She saw Meera's and her photo on the desk.They looked so happy.They were BFFs.Soul sisters,people used to say.She never imagined Meera would do this to her.She felt betrayed.


The door was open.She barged inside, armed with a knife.She felt weak, but she had a job to finish and time was running out. She saw a blurred figure running towards her,she wasnt too sure who it was.

"Shikha, Shikha ! Help !"

She saw Meera stumble out of the room, all bruised.Akash dashed after her.Something didnt look right.For a split second, Shikha saw fear in Meera's eyes and instantly realized what was happening.
She suddenly felt dizzy.. and everything around her was whirring in fast motion.Before she knew it, everything went dark.Blood was oozing out of her nose.


Life is such a bitch.


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