Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A - Autumn

Autumn - the beginning and an end.
She saw the leaves change color.The warm summer air was turning crisp and chilly.The streets looked vibrant. As if nature dressed up colorfully in bright orange  and magenta and decided to make the world a beautiful place.It was that of the year yet again where she felt mixed emotions. Of being inspired and sad.

For her, its a reminder of how change is the only constant thing.It brings in her a feeling of helplessness as she tries desperately to hold on to things she doesn't want to let go. Her friends, family,her small yet beautiful,cozy home, the city that she called her own. She felt so much at peace here.Its probably the comfort of knowing.Knowing that she will be happy here.

She always wondered how the tree felt, when a leaf changed color.A leaf that started out small and young, but strong now over the months.Which it nurtured and nourished every day. Knowing that it was only a matter of time and a gust of wind for the leaf to break off and fall lifeless to the ground.Knowing that it would be stripped and naked to the core.

Autumn taught her that all things come to an end.She was amazed at the way they accepted their fate.How they spread cheer and happiness until the last leaf.How they braved chilly winds every night , fought to see one more morning and then gracefully succumbed.Succumbed to the way it is always supposed to be.Bare and lifeless.

It taught her to let go of the warmth and embrace the winter.

PS : Fall is always beautiful but I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness that the beauty is going to give way to a much sober landscape, stripped of all the glory.Its as if I am yet to come to terms with the circle of life.

This is the first post from A-Z challenge .This is the first time I am doing something of this kind.Lets see how it goes. Self imposed deadline - Feb 15th.

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