Monday, March 20, 2017

A-Z theme reveal

The A-Z challenge is around the corner, and the blog world is brimming with excitement and frenzied planning.

Today is the day when participants from all over the world reveal what their posts are going to be about. Having a theme is not mandatory, "random" is also a valid theme :)

Last year, I really had nothing much going on at work or in my personal life, so I was looking for some challenge to spice things up. But this year is different. Its busier work days and a lot to accomplish (though I am getting nowhere with it).

Anyway, without much ado, let me reveal my theme.

Let me give an example ( I pulled this out of the internet by the way)

Telling : "You are such a jerk," he said angrily. 

First off, you should never modify "said" with an adverb. Second, keep adverb use to a minimum. They're not evil little words that have to be avoided at all costs, but they should be kept to a minimum. It's far better to SHOW he was angry:

Showing: "You are such a jerk." Dan slammed the phone book shut and threw it at the couch. The pages ruffled open, the names inside seeming exposed and vulnerable against the stark black leather. Dan got to his feet, moving so fast his chair skidded against the floor and dented the new drywall.

Get the drift?

So this April, you will see me take an emotion by each letter and show it, instead of tell it.

Please watch out this space for more, and I need your encouragement, just like last year :) YOU kept me going.


  1. That sounds fabulous. Nothing better than learning everyday. Isn't it? Great theme, Sampada. You will rock the challenge.

  2. I am watching.. can't wait for next post.. good job. Keep us educated!

  3. A very interesting theme Sampada! It will be a learning experience for sure. Cheers and all the best for the challenge.

  4. Got the drift, and that sounds awesome. Looking forward for more.

  5. Wow, that means we get to learn something new each day, thanks to your theme! That's a splendid idea, Sampada! Wish you the best!

  6. Great theme and especially relevant for any aspiring writers/authors! :) Looking forward to what you have in store!

    Sanch @ Sanch Writes

  7. A to Z challenge? Cool! I participated last year and really enjoyed myself. In fact I started planning for the next one right after it. But now I dont think I will be able to manage. But so glad that you are taking part and you topic is really interesting. I look forward to reading and learning. All the best!

  8. And I'm going to be learning so much! Wonderful theme!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  9. That is a fabulous theme, Sampada. I could definitely learn a lot form your posts. Happy A to Z :)
    Sawasdee Thailand at Kohl Eyed Me
    Indian Dishes at Something's Cooking

  10. Sounds very interesting I will drop by. All the best.

  11. Thanks for all the love, everyone! Now I am successfully stressed!

  12. Great theme! A lot of writers will benefit through your posts! Looking forward to reading them!

  13. This really sounds interesting. I am curious to read your posts :) All the Best!

    A to Z 2017 - Theme Reveal

  14. Your posts sound like they will be insightful. Have a great April!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  15. I remember hearing about this technique in fiction writing, and I realised that a lot of time I tell, and don't show! I can't wait to see what you make of this theme, and will check out your posts daily ! All the best Sampada :)


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