Friday, March 10, 2017

Some serious questions.

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

Burrrrp! Aah that was such a juicy greeny leaf. I feel full and lazy. Time to find a nice resting stop.

Wait! What’s happening there? Are they humans? Goodness, they are everywhere. I wonder what they are doing . Always acting busy and important. Don’t they have a life!? They should learn from me, the great Eastern Lubber grasshopper.  I..Umm..err… eat, mate, err..well..sleep and, uh yes, live life.

Oh my god. I am good for nothing, aren’t I. What’s the purpose of my life? Why am I born?

Is this mid-life crisis?

Ugh! Why am I a grasshopper :( "

PS: Just in time for Rochelle's Friday fictioneers! 


  1. Hahaha...We humans are so full of ourselves, aren't we? We really ought to take a few tips from Mr.Grasshopper, here! :P
    Cute one, Sampada! :)

  2. I can envy most animals. They don't question...they just accept.

  3. That's a strange comparison. The animal I've most compared myself to is a dog. Quite an interesting thought - to be a grasshopper!

  4. Funny. I love grasshoppers too ....

  5. Aha! Love the musing :) Indeed what a life! Mid life crisis ;) hehe

  6. I envy the bugger :D A cute story Sampada


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