Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D - Desire #AtoZChallenge

She slowed down as his husky voice drifted through the air and fell on her parched ears. Heart racing, she tip toed towards him, smoothing her dress at her curvaceous hips, a slight provocative air in her gait.

She saw him, animatedly talking over phone. His fresh hair cut gave him a crisp look, making her go weak in the knees. She didn't have the courage to look into his dreamy eyes, for she knew it would need every ounce of her energy to break her gaze, She fixed her eyes on his lips instead. She never knew she could feel this way and it was making her go crazy. Oh, how could she let him do this to her. He was not even that handsome. She wondered if it was his intelligence or his humor that drew her towards him. Whatever it was, her proximity to him every day was proving to be too dangerous for her sanity. 

She walked past him, as if she didn't care, but every cell of her body was listening to him. He had the kind of vocabulary that turned people on, and she could hear him speak for hours. She slowed down a bit, breathing a little lightly, anticipating that his eyes were following her.

She wondered how it would be to hold his hands. To caress them. To feel them on her body. The very thought sent a hurricane of emotions down her spine. Sigh. If only he knew. But she could never tell him. Not in this lifetime. 

She could never betray Natasha.


  1. Impeccable narrative for perhaps an everyday story. You actually made me feel her emotions. Well written.

    I'm glad the A to Z Challenge 2017 led me to your blog. Blog rollinging you.

    Do drop by mine.


  2. That was brilliant. You brought her thoughts and confusion to life vividly.

  3. That was very well done Sampada! What if he got to know? Would he betray Natasha? Would she let him? I am curious to know!

  4. You really brought out the extent of her "Desire", and Ohhhhh who is Natasha? Her partner? a friend who she has vowed celibacy with? Intrigued...
    Celebrating 'Women & their work' all April: E for An Education for all

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