Saturday, July 20, 2019

L - Lullaby chartbuster

The following songs play on repeat mode when its time to put kiddo to sleep.

If by mistake, You Tube uses its autoplay brain and plays a different song, you will find a pair of teeny weeny sleepy eyes stare at you as if saying 'what did you do to my song?'.

1. Neej majha nand lala...

This Marathi song by Lata Mangeshkar is a great find. I owe it to amma and baba for singing it to Siddu

2. Snow flake Snow flake little snow flake

3. Good night to you..

4. Twinkle Twinkle little star

5. Hush little baby..

PS : I am stealthily resuming the A-Z challenge. Nah, its not a challenge anymore, so A-Z posts is a better term.

These are memories that I want to record. Hence couldn't bring myself to abandon these completely.

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