Sunday, August 4, 2019

Separation anxiety.

the tears refuse to stop
the lump in my throat
a stubborn presence
adjectives like heavy heart
slowly begin to make sense

images flash my mind
of you falling from the stairs
 'amma' filling the air
of eyes searching for me and
me not being there

I imagine if you will see
the same love in their eyes 
the same warmth in your grandma's hug
A dam of tears bursting
at that silly meandering bug

Its stupid
its irrational
My mind tries to reason
But every cell of my heart
decide to ache in unison

Is it my need for you
or the need for you
to feel the need for me
I am a hostage of this bond we have
beautiful and painful as can be

amid all this chaos
I also feel grateful
to have felt something so profound 
Its alright that it caused pain because
all beautiful things have that abound.

- its funny how sadness evokes poems. 

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