Monday, July 11, 2011

Lost-yet again !

The inevitable happened...

After safeguarding my specs for almost 8 months, I had to lose it.It was quite natural .It had to go and I had to let it go.It had been quite sometime since I lost anything and it had to be those glasses,which empowered my vision , that had to ditch me this time.

And how it vanished into thin air.We parked our car.Walked a few minutes to a building to get my badge , got them and got back into the car.I remember I had my specs on while I was sitting in the car...I remember I had taken them off while walking..and then I remember that there's got be something called glasses that are not there ! And what I dont remember is what happened in between ! My mind just went blank when I pleaded it for help in rewinding the sequence of events.I tried going back slowly in my mind .. like they show in movies... step by step .. but i could get only to the latest step .

Phew ! To get new ones, I have to shell out 200-300$ and go bankrupt. Or manage with those poor eyes and a bad headache.And i am going with the second option.

Either my specs are very lucky (to have gotten lost in Florida ) or I am very unlucky.

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