Friday, July 15, 2011

Too much to keep to myself....

Hallo !!

Its my 1..2..3..4..5..6th day in deerfield beach and looks like I have gotten used to it.There are somethings I like.. and somethings that I literally hate !There are things I look forward to and some that I avoid ...I guess its der everywhere...lets cut the crap..will come straight to the point.This post is just crap I say.. some random things that I did and some that I had to do ..

I am surprisingly liking the cooking part.I am not a big fan of it,I m not cribbing too! My day begins with rigorous brainstorming about what should go as my breakfast ( rigorous because I dnt have much time).. and ends with again a mental analysis of what would be good to cook for dinner that day and lunch the next day !
It takes a lot of analysis believe me.. first you have to check the inventory ( what u have).. what is easier to cook.. it should be tasty too.. what you can take in your tiffin box... what requires minimal effort...and what you can be proud of !
Here are some of the results :

This was the first day.Was too tired to cook anything.I even forgot that I had chilly powder and salt.Had this egg with bread.
Another disaster.I again forgot to cary a rolling pin.After trying to roll the chapatis with a jam bottle , I gave up and thought my hands were good enough.The dough was too hard. Learnt things the hardest way !
The spinach curry was too good though !I have my basics right...Somebody neednt worry !!:D

And then I was making this tomato curry.Easiest and mouth watering.But something had to go wrong.Thats how things work with me.So, as per God's plan, I put haldi again..thinking it was chilly powder !

Hope you had a good laugh ! I had one too !

Adios... :)


  1. Good that you mentioned that you didn't have a rolling pin... Otherwise, you would have been nominated for the Nobel prize this year for the best "Architectural design" :P
    Somebody really needs you to improve your culinary skills... You will surely learn many more things by the time you come back... Keep cooking!!

  2. Hey , the shape was bad but the taste was not all dat bad... !
    Anyways..that "somebody" is really happy that I got into a mini-workshop :)

    And thanks for reading...and commenting ! :P


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